HIDEOUS DIVINITY: Italian Death Metal Goliaths Stream Cobra Verde Title Track Via GunShyAssassin

Italian death metal juggernauts, HIDEOUS DIVINITY, are pleased to unveil the title track of their forthcoming crushing new full-length, Cobre Verde,

Fitting tagged “an uber-brutal, churning platter of tech-y death metal” by Decibel Magazine, Cobre Verde is scheduled to drop via Unique Leader Records. Based around Werner Herzog’s 1987 film of the same name, Cobra Verde was recorded at 16th Cellar Studios (Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vomit The Soul) and supplies nine tracks of hate, discontent and unrelenting audio brutality including a guest vocal appearances by Nile’s Dallas Toler-Wade on “The Alonest Of The Alone” and a searing rendition of Ripping Corpse’s “The Last And Only Son.”

Elaborates band leader/Hour Of Penance founder Enrico Schettino: “Sometimes a riff takes ages to reveal itself, some other times you’re a lucky bastard and the whole song comes out, like magic. ‘Cobra Verde’ belongs to the second category. Title-tracks are not ordinary songs; when you decide there’ll be a title track, you accept the challenge of creating, in the space of a few minutes, something that would represent the mood of an entire album. As for ‘Cobra Verde,’ it had to be something beyond death metal. For this exact reason it’s undeniable I was highly influenced by the latest Ulcerate and Gorguts. It was time to push the envelope for HIDEOUS DIVINITY and that was the aim of the song. The whole composition wavers between storm and calm, nuclear rage assaults and tormented doom litanies. The twisted, samba-like rhythm pattern sees the rebirth of cruel kings and madmen, slave prayers and curses through six minutes of song. Atonal arpeggios create that feeling of rage ready to explode and to be drowned in solitude afterwards. We are alone on this world, so huge yet so narrow, and our thirst is condemned never to be quenched. Like the spirit of Manoel, the white devil condemned to solitude, the ghost that will never see the snow.”

Brutality awaits. Check out “Cobre Verda” now playing at GunShyAssassin HERE.

Additionally you can still piss off your neighbors with “The Alonest Of The Alone,” now playing at Metal Insider at THIS LOCATION as well as “Sinister And Demented,” at Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Born between Italy and Norway in late 2006 as a side project of Hour Of Penance founder Enrico Schettino, HIDEOUS DIVINITY immediately earned underground accolades thanks to their mauling 2007 Sinful Star Necrolatry two-track demo. It wasn’t until 2010 however that the band, with their first stable lineup, would perform live alongside longstanding comrades, Insision. In the interim, new songs were composed with their European death/black influences giving way to a more mindful, complex yet straight-in-your-face death metal assault in the vein Nile, Immolation and Hate: the embryo of their first full-length release. Following another successful appearance in Scandinavia at the end of April 2012, this time for the prestigious Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway, a three-album deal with Unique Leader Records was forged. In late July 2011 the band entered 16th Cellar to record their Obeisance Rising debut. The lyrical concept is based on John Carpenter’s immortal masterstroke They Live, a dramatically relevant testimony of a dark era that never ended. In 2014 HIDEOUS DIVINITY offers up Cobra Verde, another cinematographic concept album, this time based on Klaus Kinski’s and Werner Herzog’s masterpiece of the same name. The album sounds even darker and more powerful, both conceptually and musically, than their critically-lauded debut. Brace yourself.

“…without a doubt one of the best releases of 2014.” — Headbangorgtfo

Cobra Verde will be released in the US on October 28th, 2014, the UK on October 27th and the rest of Europe on October 31st. Preorder your copy at THIS LOCATION.