HENRY KANE: Selfmadegod Records Announces May 17th Release Of Circle Of Pain Album From Swedish Blackened Grind/Crust/Death Solo Outfit; “Numb” Single Streaming

Selfmadegod Records presents Circle Of Pain, the punishing third full-length release from Swedish outfit HENRY KANE, announcing the album for May release alongside a stream of the single “Numb.”

Formed in 2016 HENRY KANE is the solo output of Jonny Pettersson, also a member of Heads For The Dead, Wombbath, Massacre, Rotpit, and others, not to mention a seemingly endless roster of past bands. Pettersson started the project to celebrate 20 years since releasing his first demo. Starting off in the world of punk and grindcore, those genres would be the pillar stones of the band’s overall sound, yet each release since has incorporated different extreme styles that have inspired him in one way or another.

HENRY KANE released its debut album Den Förstörda Människans Rike via Transcending Obscurity Records in 2017, followed by a split LP with Prolefeed on Wooaaargh the same year, and the second album Age Of The Idiot arrived on Transcending Obscurity in 2020.

Now, HENRY KANE arrives with the infectious third album, Circle Of Pain, the album’s seven heavyweight tracks once again taking the project’s sound in new directions. The record crosses the D-beat-inspired punk/crust influences into much more metallic territory, with dreary melodic elements and blackened atmospheres infiltrating a caustic bed of more modern-sounding metallic grindcore and crust-infused death metal. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Studio Unbound by Jonny Pettersson who performed all instruments, Circle Of Pain is completed with cover art by Fredrik Ringström.

With the lead Circle Of Pain single “Numb,” Pettersson writes, “This song is a clear step forward in the evolution of HENRY KANE. It is fast and extreme with elements that you would never expect in this genre.”

Stream HENRY KANE’s “Numb” now at THIS LOCATION.

Circle Of Pain will be released by Selfmadegod Records on CD and digitally on May 17th. Watch for additional singles, preorders, and more to post shortly.

Circle Of Pain Track Listing:
1. A Swarm Of Idiots
2. Fear Is Rising
3. Numb
4. Circle Of Pain
5. Wealth Of Obscenity
6. Weird Fiction Founded
7. En Önskan I Mörkret