HAYMAKER: Noisey Drops New Track From Pending 7-Inch; Band To Rage A389 Bash Next Week

With HAYMAKER‘s soon-to-be legendary set at next week’s A389 X Bash in Baltimore, Maryland looming, a new single from the band’s first release in nearly a decade barrel-asses into the public today via Noisey, mowing down everything.

On the Let Them Rot EP, HAMAKER‘s facecrushing Chokehold/Left For Dead-born amplification propels a rabid Poison Idea/Hookers-ish frenzied rock number topped by the band’s expected atavistically-enraged vocal tirade in the blazing “Shit Magnet,” making it your number one anthem for fucking somebody’s day. The gang at VICE Magazine’s unruly music coven, Noisey, fully agree, stating with their exclusive post of the “Shit Magnet” anthem, “…you damn well don’t have a full hour to devote to waiting for some bullshit metalcore album to get to the point. So how about letting HAYMAKER fuck you up real fast with 30 seconds of blistering hardcore?”

Pound out your problems to “Shit Magnet,” as well as the EP’s title track, at Noisey RIGHT HERE.

The Let Them Rot 7″ will see release on February 7th, just after HAYMAKER‘s riot-inducing one-off appearance at A389 Recording’s tenth anniversary Bash in Baltimore, Maryland next week. From next Thursday, January 16th through 18th, they’ll perform alongside Bloodlet’s exclusive reunion, the one-time reformation of Integrity’s Systems Overload lineup, exclusive performances from In Cold Blood, All Out War and Infest, as well as Noisem, Full Of Hell, Empire of Rats and many others.

A riotous hardcore/punk splinter group formed by auditory predators who have spent/continue to invest time attacking society’s ills in Left For Dead, Chokehold and The Swarm among others, notorious Hamilton, Ontario-based aggressors, HAYMAKER, have a disreputably proud résumé for the majority of their sporadic live excursions beginning with antagonizing the crowd and their set ending early due to the engagement of volatile entanglements with other humans in attendance.