HALLUCINATOR: Decibel Magazine Streams “Hiss In The Skull” From Oakland Esoteric Death Thrashers; Another Cruel Dimension Debut Nears Release Via Carbonized Records

Photo by Rhea DeCaro

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming “Hiss In The Skull” from Oakland esoteric death thrashers HALLUCINATOR. The track comes off the band’s debut full-length, Another Cruel Dimension, set for release next month via Carbonized Records.

Engineered and mixed at Secret Bathroom and Satan’s Sweat Shoppe in Oakland, California by Justin Divver and mastered by Charlie Koryn (Chthonic Deity, Ascended Dead) at Underworld Studios in Portland, Oregon, Another Cruel Dimension spews forth thirteen tracks of audio hell that pays its respects to Sadus, Repulsion, and Bathory and includes a cover of “On They Slay” from R.A.V.A.G.E. (pre-Atheist).

Notes the band, “HALLUCINATOR takes you to a plane of distorted cruelty that you slowly realize is our own doomed timeline – shapeshifting psychedelic synth portals clash with visions of dark brutal thrash destruction.”

Adds Decibel of the track, “…after a nightmarish intro, ‘Hiss In The Skull’ practically trips over itself with speedy blast beats. That it comes alongside a Tom Araya-esque scream from the abyss is that much more appropriate. There are still influences from black thrash both proto (the aforementioned Slayer, Hellhammer) and precedent-setting (Aura Noir), but death metal bubbles to the top of this putrid brew.”

Stream “Hiss In The Skull,” courtesy of Decibel Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

HALLUCINATOR‘s Another Cruel Dimension will be released on February 14th on LP and digital formats via Carbonized Records with Headsplit Records handling the cassette edition. For digital preorders, go to THIS LOCATION where “Pervader” can be streamed. For vinyl, go HERE.

HALLUCINATOR is currently on a week-long mini tour through California and Mexico. The Southern Invasion 2020 trek commenced January 22nd and runs through February 4th with additional live invasions to be announced in the weeks to come.

Art by Human Corpse

1/30/2020 Red Cove – Ventura, CA
1/31/2020 Lexington Club – Los Angeles, CA
2/02/2020 Kim Koh Sports Bar – Mexicali, MX
2/03/2020 Space Bar – San Diego, CA
2/04/2020 Supply And Demand – Long Beach, CA

HALLUCINATOR was forged in 2014 when guitarist Erik Schirado and vocalist Kyle May approached guitarist Eric Stucke to start a fast death metal band. Stucke channeled his love of ’80s extreme thrash and proto-death/black metal into the primitive, nightmarish death that began to take shape in their practice space. Together with drummer Will Kovach and bassist T. Voidbringer, the band played their first local shows where Stucke began incorporating analog synth interludes into their set (now a staple between live songs and featured heavily on every recording since). By 2015, the band released their first demo Primeval Power via local Bay Area label, Transylvanian Tapes. A sixteen-minute onslaught of raw, ripping, dark thrash, the recording made its rounds as the band ravaged stages through the Southern California and Pacific Northwest underground opening for the likes of Master, Power From Hell, and Sewercide. Following a series of lineup shifts – the band is now comprised of Stucke on vocals, guitar, and synths, Kovach, bassist Dave Rochmann (Negative Vortex) and lead guitarist Falko Bolte (Insanity) – HALLUCINATOR aims to pervade its dissolution of dark consciousness throughout the dimensions of metal.