HAEMORRHAGE Shares New Studio Video For “Transporting Cadavers” Via Decibel Magazine

Haemorrhage_Miguel-Angel-Galindo_2017-1_Print[photo by Miguel Angel Galindo]

Spanish goregrind stalwarts HAEMORRHAGE have shared a new track, “Transporting Cadavers,” off the band’s impending seventh studio album We Are The Gore. The track is delivered through an intense in-studio video, created from clips captured during the album’s recording process at Mpire Studios in January 2017.

See HAEMORRHAGE’s “Transporting Cadavers” video only at Decibel Magazine HERE.

Guitarist and vocalist Luisma commented on the video, “We decided to record some footage in studio during our recording, but we didn’t know what we would use it for. ‘Transporting Cadavers’ is one of the most intense songs in the album and we thought that it would be cool to make a video out of that studio footage. It perfectly catches the studio ambience during the recording of We Are The Gore.”

Additionally, listen to We Are The Gore’s opening track, “Nauseating Employments,” via a gore-filled lyric video at YouTube HERE.

We Are The Gore is set for release on October 6th on CD, LP, and Digital via Relapse Records. Physical packages and digital order are available via Relapse.com HERE and all streaming services AT THIS LOCATION.

HAEMORRHAGE is set to spew forth their most ferociously (de)composed album to date with their seventh studio album We Are The Gore. Embalmed at Mpire Studio in Madrid by Alfredo and Javi Ustara and mastered by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails, Skinless), We Are The Gore embodies fourteen tracks and thirty-five blood-soaked minutes of pathological gore, ideal for listening to in mortuaries and mausoleums. With numerous guest appearances from current and former members of Carcass, Impaled, Dead Infection, Ghoul, Gruesome Stuff Relish and others, HAEMORRHAGE takes their nauseating blend of scalpel-sharp riffs, triple threat guttural vocals, and bone-scraping rhythms to a new extreme. One listen to We Are The Gore will leave you soaked in buckets of bile and feeling like a freshly made cadaver.

HAEMORRHAGE self-injected itself into the world with the Grotesque Embryopathology cassette demo in 1992. Two splits with Exhumed and Christ Denied followed before the release of their debut album, Emetic Cult, via Morbid Records. The band went on to release four more full-length albums (Grume [1997], Anatomical Inferno [1998], Morgue Sweet Home [2002], and Apology for Pathology [2006]) with Morbid Records; alongside dozens of splits with Impaled, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Disgorge, Dead Infection, Nunslaughter, and more. In 2011, HAEMORRHAGE signed with Relapse Records for the release of Hospital Carnage, featuring fifteen ferocious tracks of murderous death metal, replete with guttural vocals, meaty riffs and powerful blast beats that convey the primordial spirit of goregrind’s early days. In 2017, with the addition of new drummer Erik Raya, HAEMORRHAGE is set to spew forth their most ferociously (de)composed album to date with their seventh studio album. We Are The Gore is an album dedicated to the people who work in the “dark side of reality.”

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