GYRE: New Jersey Metal/Rock Trio To Release Shared Visions Debut In June; Trailer And Album Details Issued

New Jersey-based metal/rock outfit GYRE — formed by members of the metallic hybrid Junta and others — will release their debut full-length, Shared Visions, in June. The album features ten sprawling new tracks mixed and mastered by Kevin Antressian (The Dillinger Escape Plan). A brief trailer has been issued alongside the album’s track listing, artwork, and more.

After three EP’s, and following nearly two years of sculpting, chiseling, and capturing ideas, GYRE presents their debut album, Shared Visions. Returning to a three-piece once again, full-circle to where they started, the band’s chemistry is at an all-time high. The current lineup created more music together faster than ever before. With a certain ease, a fever dream, the members have pushed to become one seamless entity in the delivery of their songcraft.

GYRE has always drawn from multiple sources of inspiration in creating their music. With a surge of heavy metal in the vein of Mastodon and Mutoid Man, going head-to-head with the progressive tendencies of Lazer/Wulf, Russian Circles and the rock of Baroness, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Muse, there still lies traces of electronic, world, and folk music that are in constant motion just under the surface. Although outside influences are abundant, the main ingredient in their creations is an understanding of what each individual song is calling for; it’s about listening to what feels right and making good decisions that serve the song. It’s been quite the journey to get to this point of clarity, but the equation is simple — a shared vision amongst friends.

With fifty minutes of multi-textured explosive music, GYRE‘s Juan Soaz recorded and produced Shared Visions, after which the band once again worked with Kevin Antreassian of the late, great The Dillinger Escape Plan at his Backroom Studios in New Jersey to dial in the mix and master.

GYRE will independently release Shared Visions on digital platforms on June 12th; stand by for further audio and video samples, preorder links, and more on the album to be released over the coming weeks.

See a brief trailer for GYRE’s Shared Visions at THIS LOCATION.

Shared Visions Track Listing:
1. Story Is Told
2. Faces Through The Flames
3. Wanting More
4. Come To Carry On
5. See Through Hollow Dreams
6. One And The Same
7. Weaving Blind
8. At All Cost
9. Wishful Thinking
10. Liars And Friends

Ian McCartney – bass/vocals
Juan Soaz – guitar/backing vocals
Pablo Carpio – drums