GRIDFAILURE: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Internalizing” Video And Streams Entire Irritum Album

Cvlt Nation is now streaming the entire Irritum album by New York-based GRIDFAILURE, alongside the debut of a new video for the album’s second track, “Internalizing.”

Irritum delivers an inexorable sense of dread and paranoia with thirteen new tracks totaling fifty-two minutes of GRIDFAILURE‘s dystopian auditory torment, surging with rampant hostility and unnerving creepout auras. Irritum was solely performed and recorded by the outfit’s creator David Brenner, utilizing an arsenal of instruments and recording tactics, and is being released for the project’s two-year anniversary this month.

GRIDFAILURE‘s newest video was filmed and performed by Brenner this Saturday past, as a snowstorm enveloped the Northeastern states at dusk, quickly edited, and is now playing at Cvlt Nation who offers, “Inside the mind of insanity, the thoughts of fear, the sound that triggers unwanted emotions – this is what happens when you play the new GRIDFAILURE too loud! This New York harsh experimenter does not create easy listening music, and why should he when that’s not his game plan! He goes out of his way to conjure soundscapes that pump fear and paranoia into your veins.”

See GRIDFAILURE’s “Internalizing” video and stream the entire Irritum album at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Irritum will see digital release via Bandcamp on February 23rd with a physical version to follow. Find preorders and other GRIDFAILURE merch including the outfit’s first shirt design HERE.

Watch for the first GRIDFAILURE live actions for the Spring season to be announced shortly.

GRIDFAILURE and regular collaborator MEGALOPHOBE will soon issue their second fully collaborative release with the unhinged madness of Tasukete, which is now in its final stages of production. GRIDFAILURE will release several full-length albums in 2018, as well as new collaborative releases with WALKING BOMBS, FYRHTU, PORNOHELMUT, and more.