GREEN DRUID: Ashen Blood Full-Length From Denver-Based Psychedelic Stoner Doom Unit Out NOW And Streaming Via Earache Records; Weed Olympics Continue

“…a new band rich in their sludgy-stoner ways. With moody moments that swell into thunderous guitar mountains, this is the perfect jam for any fan of psychedelic doom.” — Metal Injection

Denver-based psychedelic stoner doom collective GREEN DRUID today drop the planet-rupturing fruits of their Ashen Blood full-length via Earache Records. Ashen Blood is brooding and atmospheric doused in gargantuan riffs summoning the Lovecraftian horrors of the cosmos.

Hear Ashen Blood in its glassy-eyed entirety at THIS LOCATION.

GREEN DRUID’s Ashen Blood is available on CD, LP, and digital formats. For order bundles, go to THIS LOCATION.

In conjunction with the record’s release, GREEN DRUID is hosting their very own Weed Olympics. Currently under way, the band will be testing out sixteen strains of weed for eight weeks. Each week, the band will post a video of their “smoke off” between strains at the GREEN DRUID Instagram page HERE.

Fans can vote on their favorite strain via the GREEN DRUID Twitter page HERE! The semi-finals will be held the first two weeks of April with the grand finale to happen on April 20th.

GREEN DRUID will play a handful of area performances including a record release show on March 23rd and an appearance at Stoned And Dusted And Electric Funeral Fest III with additional shows to be announced soon. See all confirmed dates below.

3/23/2018 Hi-Dive – Denver, CO w/ Palehorse/Palerider, Chieftain, Matriarch
4/20/2018 Lion’s Liar – Denver, CO w/Necropanther, Ghosts of GGlaciers
4/26/2018 Bar Bar – Denver, CO with Thorr Axe, Giardia
5/26/2018 Stoned And Dusted – Joshua Tree, CA w/ Brant Bjork, The Obsessed, Nebula, more
6/29/2018 Electric Funeral Fest – Denver, CO w/ Speedwolf (reunion show), Spirit Adrift, Aseethe, R.I.P., more

GREEN DRUID worships at the feet of the monolithic amplifier and performs holy communion with the tremorous onslaught of murky tones that emanate from its maw. “While our first EP and foray into the world of doom could be viewed as us learning the ins-and-outs of the genre, Ashen Blood is where we really started to hone in on our own voice,” issues the band. “Taking influence from the dark fantasy landscapes of games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, we strove to create a truly doomed psychedelic experience.”

GREEN DRUID aren’t just purveyors of doom; they’re also genuine devotees of the genre and its disparate pockets. And with Ashen Blood, the band is both paying homage to sounds they love and also making an effort to continue the expansion of doom’s big tent…” — Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Steady, subterranean, and filthy clean, GREEN DRUID duskily flows with the drone of a thousand rusty amps through the cracks and pores of forgotten, ancient crypts… a darkly addictive monster of shadow riffs and deep, earthen tones of sacred blood. This is doom, and it is mighty.” — Heavy Planet

“…one of the most redeeming records of the year so far… I was fully sold into this whole GREEN DRUID thing once the first half of ‘Rebirth’ kicked in with its Dopethrone-ing burlap thick riffs, loudspeaker vocals, and crystalline wah-pedal flourishes… Ashen Blood has its own occult allure about it that kept me coming back for a listen… Recommended if you like old Electric Wizard, the first Magic Circle, Ice Dragon, and such.” — Grizzly Butts

“It does not seem at all like a coincidence that GREEN DRUID has been plucked from an emergent underground in Denver, Colorado, to release Ashen Blood on Earache Records. One of heavy metal’s most historically celebrated imprints has a history of landmarks in terms of riffy fare – … Sleep’s Holy Mountain chief among them but by no means the only one; albums from Cathedral, Iron Monkey, Fudge Tunnel, Deadbird, and Hour Of 13 come to mind – and even if it’s not the style for which Earache is chiefly known, GREEN DRUID represent well the core values of modern stoner-doom idolatry, a nodder like ‘Dead Tree’ rolling itself forward slowly but not without a fluid drive.” — The Obelisk

“On a scene full of witches and wizards, sometimes it’s good to be a druid. These Denver doomsters may not stray too far from the beaten path (they do have a song called ‘Nightfall,’ after all), but their crunchy doom tones still satisfy on their 74-minute(!) Earache debut.” — Hellbound

GREEN DRUID is more than just some music; it’s an expression of its times and a way to deal with the world for the members involved… You can taste the stoner roots in the full, hazy sound of the band and comparisons to the mighty Trouble are therefore not so strange, though I’d add the great Cathedral to that mix.” — Strange Aeons

“The music is foreboding and enveloping, like hiking hours into the forest and realizing you’re a little too stoned to find your way back. No matter which way you turn, everything is green…” — Alternative Control

“Embracing sounds that are massive in scale and forcing you to revel in riff after riff, these weed Olympians are going to turn it up until you can’t take the sheer volume any longer. Mysterious and ever growing, this is what doom metal is all about.” — Two Guys Metal Reviews