GODSTOPPER And GRIZZLOR: Limited Edition Split Seven-Inch Out Now And Streaming Via Corpse Flower Records


Who doesn’t like a quick shot of weirdo noise?” – The Obelisk

Corpse Flower Records recently unveiled part two of a four-part split seven-inch series with GODSTOPPER and GRIZZLOR on February 17th. The split, which comes sheathed in the artwork of Mark Rudolph (Carcass, Coalesce, Battlecross), features two brand new tracks from each band and is limited to 300 copies on yellow vinyl with a digital download.

Stream the record in full at THIS LOCATION where you can also order a copy.

In conjunction with the release, GRIZZLOR will take to the streets later this week on a mini tour alongside Bardus. See confirmed dates below.


GRIZZLOR w/ Bardus:
2/23/2017 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
2/24/2017 Little Grill Collective – Harrisonburg, VA
2/25/2017 Odditorium – Asheville, NC
2/26/2017 The Pour House – Raleigh, NC
2/27/2017 The Milestone Club – Charlotte, NC
2/28/2017 Space Station – Savannah, GA
3/01/2017 529 – Atlanta, GA
3/02/2017 Rock House Live Midtown – Memphis, TN
3/03/2017 The Hideaway – Johnson City, TN
3/04/2017 The Unit – Richmond, VA

GODSTOPPER is a heavy, sometimes sludgy, sometimes noisy band from Toronto. Forged in 2010, the band’s catalogue features many twists on aggressive music, where supreme heaviness often mixes freely with outright poppy melodies and song structures, alt-rock inspired guitar work, and mood swings varying from the ugly and misanthropic to the pretty and the triumphant. The band’s uniqueness has earned them many accolades from both media and fellow bands, who praise their unusual take on music. “Like the best records by Today Is The Day, Swans and Harvey Milk, all of which I hear in GODSTOPPER‘s jarring songwriting…We talk a lot about making extreme music as cathartic for the music maker, but what the listener?” wrote MetalSucks in a review of the band’s 2011-issued Empty Crawlspace offering. “I feel no more relieved for having heard Empty Crawlspace. In fact, it’s psychically draining. And totally addictive, too. I’m not going to be able to sleep for a week.” The band’s Who Tries Anymore full-length was release last year via Hex Records and reaped equal praise globally. “There’s a lot of compositional bells and whistles on deck here,” gushed Stereogum of their “Shoulder” single, “from a chugging chorus riff that feels like it’s perpetually interrupting itself to a left-turn Thin Lizzy guitar lick that King Buzzo would surely appreciate. But the part that’ll really suck you in is the sublime vocal harmonies that frontman Mike Simpson layers over the song like fishnet over a boulder.” Fans of Melvins, Failure, YOB, Torche, and Big Business, pay heed.

Formed in 2014, GRIZZLOR is an American noise rock trio from New Haven, Connecticut, known for their fuzzed out, angular riffs, and abrasive vocals. Early in 2014, the band self-released their debut EP, We’re All Just Aliens, it having been equated to the “chaotic and sloppy nastiness” that is reminiscent of early AmRep bands such as Cows and Halo Of Flies. The record earned critical accolades both Stateside and abroad. Later that year, their second EP and first on seven-inch vinyl, When You Die, was issued. Matt Korvette of Pissed Jeans compared the recording sound to the likes of records by Karp and vocal styles evocative of Drunks With Guns vocalist Mike Doskocil, having “Mike Doskocil-levels of sewage and refusing to cater to any sense of melody.” Following another seven-inch and various live shows, the band released its third EP, Cycloptic, which marked a faster, riff heavier writing style, where most songs hover on either side of ninety seconds apiece. Released with the Syracuse, New York hardcore/punk label, Hex Records, it has been deemed “what the Melvins would sound like if they were three times faster with a tenth of the attention span.”

GODSTOPPER‘s tracks were captured by Collin Young at B Town Sound in Burlington, Ontario and mastered by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios in Bramton, Ontario while GRIZZLOR‘s were recorded and mixed by Victor Dowgiallo at Hermit Cave Studios, Connecticut and mastered by Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“This is a bizarre hodgepodge of some of my favorite things from the ’90s that got me into experimental music to begin with… GODSTOPPER leans heavily on influences like Mike Patton mixed with the heavier riffing of groups like Helmet and Quicksand; but is also willing to go full Mr. Bungle on the minimalistic ‘Cellophane.’ As for GRIZZLOR, it would be a crime to discuss their side without mentioning Primus. These crunchy, off-kilter bass parts and avant-garde vocal deliveries are certainly influenced by Les Claypool and company.” – Metal Trenches

GODSTOPPER has the hardcore elements of Villain, with the insane experimental/jazz elements of Brain Tentacles (minus the sax), and the whimsy of Danny Elfman — especially present in ‘Cellophane.’ GRIZZLOR uses a musical template which contains the aggressively fuzzed-out funk in the vein of The Brown Album-era Primus, with incredible shred elements of Buckethead and 2-era Buckethead and the off-kilter intensity of the Butthole Surfers.” – Echoing Magazine