GNAW THEIR TONGUES: Tsutomu Miyazaki Three-Track Cassette

A message from Mories/GNAW THEIR TONGUES:


Tsutomu Miyazaki is the follow up to the Issei Sagawa EP from 2007. This time about Tsutomu Miyazaki. This will be an exclusive cassette release.

GNAW THEIR TONGUES – Tsutomu Miyazaki a three-track c30 white chrome cassette in an edition of 100 hand-numbered copies with silk-screened wrap-around covers and a silk-screen printed obi strip. To reserve your copy, please send us an email with ‘GTT reservation’ as the subject to: hell_lies_in_others[at]hotmail[dot]com[dot]uk. Payment details will be sent out within the next week