GLOOP: Third Album From Baltimore Noise Rock Trio, Crayon Sun, Out Now Through Grimoire Records

photos by Sean Reel

Baltimore-based noise rock trio GLOOP unveils their third record, Crayon Sun, out now through Grimoire Records. The album unloads twelve writhing and infectious tracks fueled on caustic AmRep eccentricities and scathing tones.

Through their recordings and shows, GLOOP has continued to evolve their style while having a signature sound–angular, agitated guitars, driving drums, and wry, slightly askew lyrics. This is proven on their third album, Crayon Sun, the record finding the band diving into open tunings and a darker tone than previous albums, cranking out a dozen new songs in just over thirty minutes.

Crayon Sun was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Noel Mueller in the early months of 2021, with additional engineering by Blake Douglas, and the cover artwork handled by Max Detrich.

With the arrival of the album’s release, GLOOP vocalist/guitarist Dominic Gianninoto states, “Throughout Covid we had to start and stop a lot. Which at first felt like this album was going to take forever to finish, but it allowed us time to create some new sounds and expand on songs. Crayon Sun explores a darker and wilder GLOOP than before. The album dips into open tunings, some more off kilter rhythms and a friendly little pitch shifter pedal.”

Fans of Pixies, Mclusky, Sleaford Mods, US Maple, and Drahla should tune in.

Listen to GLOOP’s entire Crayon Sun now through Bandcamp RIGHT HERE and see the video for “Pressure” HERE.

Crayon Sun is out now digitally and in a limited run of cassettes through Grimoire Records HERE.

Having played with the likes of The Dreebs, Sediment Club, Uniform, Tunic, Psychic Graveyard, Multicult, and Grizzlor, GLOOP plans on returning to the stage later this year as shows continue to make their return. The prolific band is also already currently in the process of writing more songs for a fourth album.

GLOOP is another new band to Shaman HQ that’s hit our airwaves this year, but what can we expect from this Baltimore based power-trio? To sum it up simply, a frantic mix of bass driven noise-rock is pretty much on the cards, so if you have a hankering for artists from the AmRep stable, then you really should sit up and take note.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“If there is one figure that demands our attention on Crayon Sun, it’s the band’s vocalist and guitarist Dominic Gianninoto. As a vocalist, Gianninoto makes for a forcefully weird and wild performer with a fair few tools in his arsenal. His vocals can sit quite low in the mix at points, but his unhinged charisma still shines through consistently.” – Distorted Sound Magazine