GHOUL And ILL BILL: Split Seven-Inch Out Now And Streaming Via Tankcrimes

Creepsylvanian splatterthrashers, GHOUL, teamed up with Brooklyn-based MC/Uncle Howie Records owner, ILL BILL (Non Phixion, Heavy Metal Kings) with GORETEX (Non Phixion), for a sick two-song split and it’s out TODAY via Tankcrimes!

“Your ears will hear but your mind will not survive the molten metal and hardcore hip hop served raw on wax by Tankcrimes and Uncle Howie Records! Go forth and ill!,” proclaims team GHOUL.

Stream the split below.

For physical orders, visit the Tankcrimes merch table HERE.

“This split has all the makings of synergy, frankly…. GHOUL are at their rancorous peak, machine-gun lyrics blasting at you like an ILL BILL verse. The Oakland group is always a fun listen because of the proclivity toward characters and storylines. And here, the freewheeling music is catharsis from BILL‘s terse wordplay. To see this team-up, not so many years removed from the squabbles [Anthrax’s] I’m The Man ignited, should be a reminder of both how exceptional these performers are, and how times have changed.” — Nine Circles

“‘Pentagram’ opens with a sample that combines the…pentagrams and conspiracy theories that ILL BILL has always dabbled with before descending dark and twisting beats, his signature gravelly voice delivering rhymes referencing Anton Lavey, Prodigy, Dirty Harry, Abel Ferrara and a ton more that require at least half a dozen listens to fully decipher…GHOUL‘s track is pure trash thrash, with all the grime and stank you’d expect from those sack-wearing Creepsylvania freaks. Composed almost entirely of tortured howls, guitar riffs that threaten to strangle the life from you, and a low-end… this track is best played with your windows open and sound system turned up as loud as you can physically endure.” — Drunk In A Graveyard

“With new releases on the way from seminal thrashers At The Gates, The Crown, and The Haunted this year, GHOUL proves with one track that they still wear the gore rotted championship belt in the land of speed and chug, and the eerie and verbose cinematic stalking of the ILL BILL contribution is just icing on the Creepsylvanian cake.” — Riot Nerd