GERM To Release Debut Album Via Eisenwald; Title + Sample Tracks Revealed

GERM is the solo project of Tim (Austere (rip), Grey Waters, ex-Nazxul, etc). The debut album, Wish, is a journey into a twisted mind. From horrific shrieks to beautiful vocal melodies, from ferocious blast beats to haunting atmospheric passages and everything in between, Wish is everything fans of an emotive style of heavy music could have hoped for. A bright, bizarre and simultaneously catchy fusion of elegant heavy rock music, furious back metal moments, Jean-Michel Jarre-influenced electronics and even classical influences. The voyage lasts for over 40 minutes, breaking through genres and niches, without losing touch to elegant and remarkable epicness, that covers the entire album. Prepare to feel dazed and attracted.

Preliminary mixes from the album can be streamed here:

Your Smile Mirrors The Sun” & “Asteroids Of Sorrow

GERM was conceived in 2003 to create something that combined the atmospheric black metal and rock for which Tim is known with his love of classical, pop and electronic styles of music combined with a striking visual aspect to accompany that music. In 2006, a three-song EP was recorded, but never released. One track from the EP, “Raving Mad With Sadness,” was uploaded to MySpace, and to this day gains considerable praise. This early song shows glimpses of what was to come, featuring an extended electronic breakdown and clean vocals mixed with Tim’s hellish shrieks. After this song appeared, things again fell silent.

After almost three years of inactivity, Tim entered SLS studios in October 2009 to begin tracking GERM‘s debut full-length album. However, not long after, he was again focused on other projects, this time composing pop songs for various major labels and producers, as well as working as a session drummer for various bands. As of February 2011, Tim resumed work on the album, this time with the determination to see it through. The progress was slow, but Wish is finally complete and will see a release through Eisenwald in January 2012.!/GermOfficial