GEHENNA: Legal Issues Force Nihilistic Sect To Cancel Tour With Integrity & Full Of Hell

Nihilistic West Coast instigators GEHENNA has been forced to postpone touring for the time being due to legal issues, forcing the legion to drop from their upcoming assault with Integrity and Full Of Hell set to begin next week.

A brief collective statement from the band reads: “Due to pressing legal matters GEHENNA will be canceling their entire U.S. tour. Once things are cleared up the tour will be rebooked. Until then check out the fully remastered and re-packaged limited edition reissue of their long out of print and critically acclaimed debut album Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris.”

Writhing with thirteen hatesoaked anthems in under eighteen minutes, GEHENNA‘s infamous and long out-of-print debut full-length Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris — initially released in 2000 behind a long line of singles, EPs and various releases — was recently reissued via A389 Records (LP) and Magic Bullet Records (CD) with a bonus track and updated/original artwork.

Unleash Negotium Perambulans In Tenebris in its timeless unrest RIGHT HERE.

Formed on the West Coast in 1993, GEHENNA quickly became a name synonymous with violence, hatred and fear. Merging elements of death, black and thrash metal, adding the unrelenting barbarism of hardcore with the “fuck off” attitude of classic punk rock, GEHENNA instantly stood out in extreme music scenes for creating their unique sound and style while living nomadic lives of crime. To protect the identity of the members of the band, who were constantly in legal trouble, the band chose to perform in pitch dark rooms and forgo ever placing the traditional band line up list or photos on releases. This also kept the band shrouded in mystery, their lyrical content ranging from warfare and drug addiction to anti-establishment and anti-religious themes. Members of the faction have also been in bands such as Bludgeon, Sangraal, M.F.T.S., Witch-Lord, Discreet Doll Band, Devil, Penetration Panthers, Witch-Cat, Lesser Key, Parallel Hells and many more. All of those bands as well as GEHENNA have been independent and will continue to stay independent.