FUNERAL LEECH: New York City Death/Doom Practitioners To Release Limited Death Meditation Vinyl Repress Via Carbonized Records

Death Meditation, the crushing debut LP from New York City-based death/doom practitioners FUNERAL LEECH, was unleashed last month via Carbonized Records.

Spewing forty-five punishing minutes of death/doom darkness mired in contemplation of our mortal fragility, Death Meditation is a volatile display of pure sonic sickness. Recorded and mixed at Chapel Black Studios in Brooklyn, New York by Travis Bacon (White Widows Pact, Black Anvil, Hogwasche) and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Tomb Mold), through the fetid resonance of Death Meditation, FUNERAL LEECH believes that death is a new beginning!

With the initial LP edition now sold out, Carbonized Records has announced a second pressing of Death Meditation. Limited to five-hundred copies, the repress will come in two new color variants: ultra-clear with heavy black, bone white, yellow, and silver splatter (300 copies) and beer/black (200 copies).

Find preorders at the following locations:

Stream Death Meditation HERE.

Hailing from New York City, FUNERAL LEECH was forged in the twilight hours of 2015 with the purpose of spreading slow death. FUNERAL LEECH conjures their own dark, brooding brand of mid-tempo death/doom that finds triumph in depression and suffering. Since releasing the The Funereality demo in 2017 and “The Void” single in 2018, FUNERAL LEECH has shared the stage with bands such as Antichrist, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, Demoncy, Dispirit, Heresiarch, Innumerable Forms, Shape Of Despair, and Spectral Voice.

“Anyone down with Asphyx’s demo and ‘lost album’ recordings will find much to appreciate in FUNERAL LEECH‘s barely-ever-approaching-mid-tempo take on early ’90s death/doom.” – Decibel

“For FUNERAL LEECH, death is a new beginning. It’s the place where destructive and decaying sounds bubble up from the darkness to remind us of our frailty…” – Cvlt Nation

“…a devastatingly heavy, drawn out, and mesmerizing listen that harkens back to the hay-day of death metal getting a far more dynamic approach in the ’90s. FUNERAL LEECH certainly nail this style to near perfection and offer a truly magnificent record that certainly impresses as the band’s first full length.” – Nattskog

“Empowerment through suffering cannot be understated as peak motivation within a life examined and there are few better outlets for this self-actualization than the realm of mid-paced death/doom metal such as that of New York-based quartet FUNERAL LEECH who’ve achieved an intense and painful mummification of the ‘self’ in seeming geologic time on their debut full-length album, Death Meditation… one of the best death metal records I’ve heard so far this year..” – Grizzly Butts

“Everything about this record feels cold and calculated in the best possible ways, and the ways that the best death/doom records always do. Savage riffs, vocals that emanate straight from the bowels of hell, and a consistent sense of dread combine with a constant sonic churning to give this record a weight that just cannot be escaped from… a brilliant ride…” – The Metal Dad

“…a must for fans of death/doom metal.” – Grimm Gent

“It’s huge, it’s destructive and, above all, if you want it heavy, then it is ideal.” – The Razors Edge

“The production on Death Mediation is just perfect, it’s dirty, murky and earth shatteringly heavy just as it should be… you need to check out this record but watch the foundations of your house because this is a heavy one!” – The Sleeping Shaman

“Right from the outset, the foreboding is evident. Opening track ‘Downpour’ sets the tone with eight minutes of dark brooding misery where Lucas Anderson’s drumming is as gut-wrenching as his vocals.” – Moshville Times UK

FUNERAL LEECH takes an oldschool approach to death/doom, playing slow and mournful doom with occasional uptempo elements that fit nicely into death metal’s macabre arenas… The music is heavy and immediate, while also having longer lasting atmosphere and melody. If you imagine a band like Bolt Thrower, only darker and doomier, then you’ll have an idea of FUNERAL LEECH‘s line of work.” – Wonderbox Metal