FUNERAL LEECH: Decibel Streams Death Meditation Full-Length From New York City Death/Doom Merchants; Debut To Drop This Friday Via Carbonized Records

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming Death Meditation, the debut full-length from New York City-based death/doom merchants FUNERAL LEECH in its delightfully putrid entirety. The premiere comes in advance of the record’s official release this Friday, April 17th via Carbonized Records.

Spewing forty-five demoralizing minutes of death/doom darkness mired in contemplation of our mortal fragility, Death Meditation is a volatile display of sonic depravity. Recorded and mixed at Chapel Black Studios in Brooklyn, New York by Travis Bacon (White Widows Pact, Black Anvil, Hogwasche) and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Tomb Mold), through the fetid resonance of Death Meditation, FUNERAL LEECH believes that death is a new beginning!

Proclaims drummer/vocalist Lucas Anderson of the record, “Death Meditation is a bleak examination of the ephemerality and absurdity of our existence. As humans, we fight tooth and nail to delay our end, but to struggle against the tides of death is to spit into the wind of cosmic inevitability. In the shadow of inescapable ruin, peace lies in surrender. Close your eyes, open your mind, and accept that death is a new beginning!”

Adds Decibel, “Anyone down with Asphyx’s demo and ‘lost album’ recordings will find much to appreciate in Funeral Leech’s barely-ever-approaching-mid-tempo take on early ’90s death/doom.”

Stream Death Meditation exclusively at Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Death Meditation will be released on LP and digital formats via Carbonized Records. For preorders, go to THIS LOCATION.

Hailing from New York City, FUNERAL LEECH was forged in the twilight hours of 2015 with the purpose of spreading slow death. FUNERAL LEECH conjures their own dark, brooding brand of mid-tempo death/doom that finds triumph in depression and suffering. Since releasing the The Funereality demo in 2017 and “The Void” single in 2018, FUNERAL LEECH has shared the stage with bands such as Antichrist, Aura Noir, Black Anvil, Demoncy, Dispirit, Heresiarch, Innumerable Forms, Shape Of Despair, and Spectral Voice.

“For FUNERAL LEECH, death is a new beginning. It’s the place where destructive and decaying sounds bubble up from the darkness to remind us of our frailty…” – Cvlt Nation

“The production on Death Mediation is just perfect, it’s dirty, murky and earth shatteringly heavy just as it should be… you need to check out this record but watch the foundations of your house because this is a heavy one!” — The Sleeping Shaman

“Right from the outset, the foreboding is evident. Opening track ‘Downpour’ sets the tone with eight minutes of dark brooding misery where Lucas Anderson’s drumming is as gut-wrenching as his vocals.” — Moshville Times UK

FUNERAL LEECH takes an oldschool approach to death/doom, playing slow and mournful doom with occasional uptempo elements that fit nicely into death metal’s macabre arenas… The music is heavy and immediate, while also having longer lasting atmosphere and melody. If you imagine a band like Bolt Thrower, only darker and doomier, then you’ll have an idea of FUNERAL LEECH‘s line of work.” — Wonderbox Metal