FRIEDEMANN: German Singer/Songwriter To Release Sophomore LP Via Exile On Mainstream; Two Videos Playing + Tour With Conny Ochs Nears

Friedemann_05_2014_by_Christian_Thiele2 [web][photo by Christian Thiele]

Germany’s Exile On Mainstream Records is preparing for the late January release of Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen, the magnificent sophomore LP from enigmatic singer/songwriter FRIEDEMANN. Two new videos from the album have been released, and preorders for the LP have been posted.

Every time has its voices, every era has its singers. If these singers are able to illustrate the specifics of their time and take us by the hand, showing us a new conceivability and let us recognize what we have to do with it their voices will remain with us. And they will make us realize that we are a part of it, we are there, right in the middle. These artists remain a rare breed and they are the ones who not only say something but tell it and they leave us in bliss, and a tiny bit more geared-up for our everyday life. Their contribution is here and now, truthful but transient at the same time. And you know why? It’s life, nothing more, nothing less.

FRIEDEMANN‘s debut album, Uhr vs, Zeit, released through Exile On Mainstream in 2014, is one of these records which not only deals with the above mentioned approaches, it is one timeless masterpiece in whose contents, individuals and society, personal destiny and social life, meta level and microcosm are interwoven to one blissful flow, equipped with true words and a meaning, but without palaver – yet simple but chignon and in the words’ best meaning: music for everyone. Someone found a voice and has been using it.

Now Friedemann delivers the sophomore album Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen (‘One who wants to listen, gotta keep quiet’) and tidies up this voice: more rhythm, more melodies, more topics, more thoughts and…more joy. The whole album draws from his search for new ways of expression while channeling in experiences from the past year, touring and maintaining his rural lifestyle. This all is woven into poetry describing how oddity and sense of responsibility, alterity and community are not antagonisms anymore. Again: Life. FRIEDEMANN sings about it and one can feel how much he loves life and we are invited to follow. The life he lives illustrates the songs with a profoundness one can feel even if you’re not familiar with his lifestyle.

Two new videos from Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen are now available to the public; the LP’s opening tune, “Gejammer,” playing HERE, and the ninth track, “Haben Und Brauchen” HERE.

Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen will see release on January 29th; international preorders for the CD are available via Exile On Mainstream HERE and the LP HERE, and stateside preorders for both can be ordered via Earsplit Distro HERE.

Wer Hören Will Muss Schweigen Track Listing:
1. Gejammer
2. Djamila
3. Wer Hoeren Will Muss Schweigen
4. Heimatlos
5. Unschuld
6. Moeglichkeiten
7. Liebe
8. Knall
9. Haben Und Brauchen
10. Wo Bleiben Wir
11. Paola
12. Teilen
13. Wunder
14. Glueck

FRIEDEMANN and labelmate Conny Ochs will celebrate a series of record release shows together surrounding the release of both of their new LPs, with shows across Germany in Leipzig, Quedlinburg, Herzberg and Dresden February 18th through 21st.

FRIEDEMANN Double Record Release Shows w/ Conny Ochs:
2/18/2016 UT Connewitz – Leipzig, DE
2/19/2016 Reichstrasse – Quedlinburg, DE
2/20/2016 P-Party – Herzberg, DE
2/21/2016 Chemiefabrik – Dresden, DE