FOSSILS: Indisciplinarian To Release New LP From Danish Instrumental Noise Rock Maniacs

Recently-formed Danish independent record label, Indisciplinarian, this week announces its upcoming second release, having signed their home country’s instrumental noise rock-duo, FOSSILS.

A kickass combo rarely seen these days, with simply a bass and a drum kit, the FOSSILS twosome use their stripped-down setup to bring forward a storm of energetic, punk-infused and unpredictable metallic rock. Having previously released their Meat Rush full-length in 2011 followed by their live EP, The Veal Thing, in 2012, amidst performing several shows in Denmark with acts such as Liturgy, ZU, Iceage and Health as well as touring the US, Germany and Iceland, the duo has stirred up a strong reputation as a powerful live band, ready to kick the audience in their head with a firm musical boot of metal and punk infused rock music. As Chris Dowden from the band Landfill beautifully describes it after witnessing the dynamic duo live in Houston, Texas: “FOSSILS burned everything I know about music to ashes and pissed on the ashes. It was a great show.”

FOSSILS is now ready to unleash their second full-length, the short, sweet and genuinely pissed-off Flesh Hammer. And what a true hammer the album is, with ten noisy and ever-entertaining no-bullshit pieces of music into a dense twenty minutes on the fiery record. Flesh Hammer is immaculate FOSSILS work, wherein the band has refined their trademarks: short, creative bursts of pushing yet complex rhythms combined with thunderous riffs striving to create an environment of headbanging groove, as well as unpredictability. Always interesting and always animating to bang that head, FOSSILS pour out their unique brand of instrumental, noisy rock n’ roll firmly rooted in punk, metal and hardcore.

As unique as FOSSILS is musically, they are likewise in an absurd class of their own, visually speaking. The artwork for Flesh Hammer is a photograph of the band’s logo and the album title printed in original American Beef Jerky created by a sinister tech-wiz in an abandoned factory in Philadelphia after midnight, thereby continuing the tradition for incorporating meat into their titles, visuals and artwork.

Indisciplinarian, the label founded by the metal/sludge outfit, Rising, is proud to work with the two maniacs in FOSSILS to bring the tasty Flesh Hammer forth worldwide, digitally and on LP in a run of 300 copies, on March 31st 2014, with Earsplit Distro carrying the LP for North America.

FOSSILS release events, tour dates and visual madness are currently in the works, but until then, please enjoy the band kicking ass in the studio with “Crack Horse” during the “Flesh Hammer” sessions HERE.

Flesh Hammer Track Listing:
1. Carnivore Arrest
2. Critical Mass
3. Pelvis Crust
4. Lard Obstacle
5. Cat Stalker
6. Filet Horizon
7. Stun
8. Spamtasic
9. Flesh Pillar
10. Crack Horse