FISTULA Dispatches “Serial Vapist” Through Decibel Magazine; The Shape Of Doom To Cumm))) Out Now


Ohio’s gnarled FISTULA has released a new track from their newly-unleashed The Shape Of Doom To Cumm))) album through a stream of “Serial Vapist” at Decibel Magazine.

“‘Serial Vapist’ was the final song written for the album,” FISTULA vocalist Dan Harrington explains. “Back in March, I was crashing on Bahb’s couch before our appearance at Berserker III Fest. He started playing this killer riff on his acoustic guitar. The next day we had practice, he and Corey jammed on the riff and shortly after the song was complete.

“The day after that we recorded the entire album except for the two songs that didn’t have lyrics (‘Serial Vapist’ and ‘Sabbath Wants To Do A Split With Me’). Corey and I revisited some of our original ideas for The Shape Of Doom To Cumm))). The lyrics wrote themselves instantaneously. I worked in a record store for nine years, so writing lyrics to antagonize doom metal hipster dickheads was a fucking piece of cake, as a pretentious record nerd, I’ve been guilty of half of the shit I’m making fun of.”

Unload “Serial Vapist” at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Stream FISTULA’s “Sabbath Wants To Do A Split With Me” at Cvlt Nation HERE.

The punishing new seven-track album from Ohio pessimists/miserycore veterans FISTULA, The Shape Of Doom To Cumm))) was recorded, mastered, and produced by Dave “Big Metal” Johnson (Soulless, Midnight, Incantation) in Cleveland, features guest guitarist David Szulkin from Blood Farmers and Church Of Misery, and comes shrouded in the cover renderings of Eric C. Harrison, formerly of Grief. The album is limited to 500 vinyl copies in three color variations — 100 splatter, 200 clear green, and 200 black — and is available for purchase at THIS LOCATION.

Having just returned stateside from their The Shape Of Doom 2016 tour across Europe alongside Grime, team FISTULA is currently sawing their way across the US, with shows booked through November 20th. Additional live actions are to be expected.



FISTULA Tour Dates:
11/07/2016 The Milk Run -Omaha, NE
11/08/2016 Flux Capacitor – Colorado Springs, CA
11/09/2016 Beehive Social Club – Salt Lake City, UT
11/10/2016 Garth Haus – Las Vegas, NV
11/12/2016 Midnite Communion IV @ DiPiazza’s – Long Beach, CA
11/14/2016 The Rogue – Scottsdale, AZ
11/15/2016 LoveSprout – El Paso, TX
11/16/2016 The Lost Well – Austin, TX
11/17/2016 Siberia – New Orleans, LA
11/18/2016 Springwater Supper Club – Nashville, TN
11/19/2016 The Green Lantern – Lexington, KY
11/20/2016 State Street Pub – Indianapolis, IN

FISTULA released their Longing For Infection full-length this past Summer. Tracked and engineered by Dave Johnson (Midnight, Incantation, Soulless), the crushing full-length features the return of FISTULA founding member Bahb Branca on second guitar, furthering the band’s already vile brand of sonic violence. Hear Longing For Infection in full at THIS LOCATION. Order Longing For Infection HERE.

FISTULA was forged in 1998 by musical partners-in-crime Corey Bing and Bahb Branca. Over the course of their existence, FISTULA has released a seemingly endless barrage of studio albums and split EPs through numerous lineup changes featuring the creative talents of bands such as –(16)-, Sloth, Hemdale, The Disease Concept, Accept Death, and so many others. FISTULA is a band that is impossible to categorize, combining elements of remedial sludge, hardcore and a proverbial “bad case of the Mondays.” Nearing two decades of ear bleeding, FISTULA remains the kings of doomed-out “miserycore.”