FIRST FRAGMENT: Canadian Technical Death Metal Strategists Join Unique Leader Records; Debut Full-Length To Be Released In 2015

Québécois technical death metal strategists, FIRST FRAGMENT, are pleased to join the brutal ranks of Unique Leader Records for the release of their as-yet-untitled debut full-length, set for unveiling in 2015. FIRST FRAGMENT spews forth an eclectic sound composed of influences from modern extreme metal, ’90s progressive death metal and ’80s neoclassical/power metal all sung completely in French.

Comments FIRST FRAGMENT in a collective statement: “We are very pleased to announce that we have officially signed a record deal with California-based label Unique Leader. Since they have produced and released countless albums from bands we’ve been listening to for years, it is very exciting for us to now be a part of the Unique Leader family. We are also very proud to be the first technical death metal band from Quebec to release an album through an American label that is entirely sung and written in French. We will be representing the nation of Québec by spreading our own brand of extreme francophone metal through one of the most noteworthy record labels in the death metal scene. We are extremely honored that Unique Leader has given us this incredible opportunity.”

Spawned in 2007 as a bedroom side-project by rhythm guitarist Gabriel Brault-Pilon, vocalist/lead guitarist Philippe Tougas and lead vocalist David Alexandre Brault-Pilon, the Québécois trio evolved into a full-fledged band with the sole intention of creating the catchiest, most aggressive and multifarious music possible. Influenced by only the sickest modern extreme metal bands (Spawn Of Possession, Gorod, Martyr, Capharnaum, Origin, Necrophagist etc.), ’90s progressive death (Theory In Practice, Crypt Of Kerberos, Atheist, Cynic), Flamenco music and ’80s neoclassical/power metal (Tony MacAlpine, Joey Tafolla, Racer X, Helstar, Yngwie Malmsteen) and being the only band from their country and in their subgenre to proudly sing solely in French, their diverse sound would quickly prove to be a force with which to be reckoned.

Following numerous demo recordings in 2008 and 2009, FIRST FRAGMENT self-released their highly-praised debut EP, The Afterthought Ecstasy, in 2010 and later recruited bassist Vincent Savary and drummer Philippe Boucher. The band played frequent shows throughout 2011 and 2012 and began putting the finishing touches on the material that would make its way on to their debut full-length. Soon after entering Humanoise Studios with Mathieu Marcotte (Augury, Humanoid) at the control desk however, Boucher fled the band. Not to be deterred, the remaining FIRST FRAGMENT members joined proverbial forces with session drummer Troy Fullerton of Severed Savior for the completion of the album.

Featuring guest appearances from current and former members of Spawn Of Possession, Obscura, Archspire, Augury, Elderoth, the band’s debut will be mixed by sound engineering shaman Hugues Deslauriers (Augury, Defilementory, Vengeful etc.) and boasts a fierce mix of over-the-top drum tirades, complex neoclassical-influenced guitar work, endless solos, Flamenco and clean guitar passages, proggy death metal bass work and a highly varied dual vocal approach.

Further FIRST FRAGMENT info, including street dates and teaser tracks to be unveiled in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.