FEEL HAPPINESS: New Texas-Based Dark Solo Act Releases The Inevitable Embrace Of Earth Debut EP; New Recordings Underway

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas-based dark music entity FEEL HAPPINESS has released its debut EP offering, titled The Inevitable Embrace Of Earth.

Recorded between May and June of 2019, The Inevitable Embrace Of Earth features three raw, sprawling compositions that pull from elements of drone, doom metal, dark ambient, and noise to create a distinctive, foreboding sound. Utilizing guitars, effects, and disfigured field recordings and samples, the roughly eighteen-minute release finds a home between Sunn O))) menace and Nurse With Wound creepiness.

FEEL HAPPINESS is the brainchild of North Texas musician, writer, and music journalist, Lane Oliver. The project aims to capture Oliver’s various anxieties about existence and the crumbling world around us in audio form. The Inevitable Embrace Of Earth sees him handling all guitars and instrumentation, field recordings, samples, effects, and mixing, and the EP completed with artwork by Ross Hodo.

Stream and download FEEL HAPPINESS’ debut The Inevitable Embrace Of Earth at Bandcamp RIGHT HERE.

New material from FEEL HAPPINESS is already under construction and inception for future titles, including an impending split release with Gridfailure and more. Watch for updates to be issued in the weeks ahead.

Oliver offers, “For many months I obsessively contemplated the futility of existence and the utterly terrifying concept of oblivion. These tracks were my attempt, albeit a futile one, to alleviate my anxieties over these topics. Though these songs are entirely instrumental, I hope my frustration and sadness can be felt within them. The following poem, which I penned specifically for this release, more or less summarizes the debut record’s themes:

Time passes
And we await
The inevitable embrace of earth.

‘There’s nothing to fear’
Says the intellectual.
But that doesn’t keep the heart from skipping when oblivion is at the door.

The fear of time squandered…
The fear of potential unrealized…
They will be at the bedside when time is ready to discard us.

Try as we might to convince ourselves that we were enough,
The end will silence our quivering tongues and whisper
‘You never were.'”

The Inevitable Embrace Of Earth Track Listing:
1. The Cycle Constricts and Bares Its Fangs
2. Death Is No Different Whined at Than Withstood
3. A Life Spent Building Ruins