EXCITER: Massacre Records Release Latest Album In North America

Massacre Records is proud to bring the latest album from long running Canadian thrashers EXCITER an official North American release.

Since helping to forge the North American thrash movement in the ’80s EXCITER‘s layered 34-year career has elevated them to legendary status, and their most recent album, 2010’s Death Machine delivers nine-songs of the expected headbashing mayhem fans worldwide have come to expect from the outfit. Featuring founding guitarist and mastermind John Ricci, singer Kenny Winter, bassist Rob Cohen and drummer Rich Charron, EXCITER once again worked with longtime producer Manfred Leidecker who produced nearly all of the band’s releases since 1990. The production on Death Machine compliments the grinding rhythms and speed that has held the band’s name as one of the most classic speed metal bands ever, while lyrically the the theme of the album addresses sadistic unforgiving torture and the demented individuals who deliver such horrific pain and suffering onto others.

Death Machine is officially available in North America as of today, Tuesday, February 14th.

Death Machine Track Listing:
1. Death Machine
2. Dungeon Descendants
3. Razor In Your Back
4. Pray For Pain
5. Power And Domination
6. HellFire
7. Demented Prisoners
8. Slaughtered In Vain
9. Skull Breaker