EUNOIA: Nefarious Industries To Release Psyop Of The Year Album From Ohio Mathcore Act; “Mozambique Drill” Streaming + Preorders Posted

photos by Andy Knolle

Nefarious Industries presents Psyop Of The Year, by Cincinnati, Ohio-based mathcore/blackened grunge outfit EUNOIA. Confirming the album deployment upon the population on April 1st, a warning shot has been fired into the masses with the track “Mozambique Drill.”

EUNOIA’s Psyop Of The Year unloads eight scathing attacks in under thirty-two minutes, the album recorded by Nick Layman at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana, and mixed and mastered by Colin Marston at the Thousand Caves in Queens, New York.

With the album’s info and lead single, the EUNOIA squad declares, “The ‘Mozambique Drill’ is an execution technique that was developed by mercenaries and then later taught to the Los Angeles police department. This rapid execution technique is carried out by firing two shots to the chest followed by one shot to the head.”

Get blasted by EUNOIA’s “Mozambique Drill” at the Nefarious Industries landing page where preorders are available RIGHT HERE.

A limited run cassette is also available through Tomb Tree Tapes. Stay frosty for additional Psyop Of The Year deployments over the weeks ahead.

Psyop Of The Year Track Listing:
1. A Snide Remark From The Invisible Hand
2. Mozambique Drill
3. Black Highlighter
4. Introspection: A Different Kind Of Weighted Blanket
5. Leather Lollipop
6. My Roommate Got Psy-Op’d
7. How To Watch Pro Football
8. “Saddam Never Worked For The CIA” And Other Lies Your Father Told You


The psychological operation EUNOIA commenced in 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Personnel on this assignment were: Logan Nichols (formerly of [redacted]); Bryce Aasen; and Ian MacAdam (formerly of [redacted]).

Through their four years of activity EUNOIA successfully infiltrated lower class communities in efforts to indoctrinate the youth, suppress free thought, and relay tactics of control onto their “peers.” In 2018 and 2019 respectively, EUNOIA distributed the EPs Pronoid and You’re Not Paranoid Enough widely to underground sects in the Midwest and Northeast United States regions.

In 2021 EUNOIA produced Psyop Of The Year with tactical support from Nefarious Industries and was decommissioned some months later resulting in the reallocation of operatives Nichols and Aasen to operation Tina Fey.