ESCHATON: New England Technical Death Metal Oppressors Unleash “Falsified Existence” At Skulls ‘N’ Bones; Sentinel Apocalypse To Drop Via Unique Leader

Next month, Unique Leader Records will spew forth the spine-twisting sounds of Sentinel Apocalypse from New England-based progressive death metal oppressors, ESCHATON.

Tracked at drummer Darren Cesca’s House Of Grind Studios in southern Connecticut, Sentinel Apocalypse is a relentlessly abrasive exercise in technical agility and blatant aggression boasting eleven tracks of methodical guitar sweeps, fierce drum incursions and dominating vocal tirades for fans of the twisted craftings of bands like Carnifex, The Faceless, Necrophagist, The Black Dahlia Murder and Beneath The Massacre.

With the release of Sentinel Apocalypse now just less than a month away, Skulls ‘N’ Bones offers up the forbidden sounds of “Falsified Existence” for communal gorging.

“Falsified Existence is a blast-beat infested, riff-drunk guttural onslaught packed into two-and–a-half-minutes of ass-kicking,” elaborates the band. “No beating around the bush, no finesse, just ESCHATON trying to beat-it into your heads that every track on Sentinel Apocalypse is ruthlessly aggressive. The lyrical concept pertains to being repulsed by mankind’s failures and that our desperate clinging to the terms of this false reality must be shed.”

Hear ESCHATON’s “Falsified Existence,” courtesy of Skulls ‘N’ Bones, at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, check out the band’s “Immortal Mutilation” video still playing at Metal Injection at THIS LOCATION.

A theological term that refers to the world during the post historic era of God’s overt apocalyptic reign, immediately preceding the end of the world, ESCHATON was founded in 2007 near Providence, Rhode Island and manifests a uniquely belligerent, stand-alone sound that’s at once harsh and procedural yet wholly-enthralling. ESCHATON features vocalist Jason Viteri, guitarist brothers Joshua and Jared Berry, bassist Pat Pattison and drummer Darren Cesca (Pillory, Arsis, Goratory, Incinerate).

Sentinel Apocalypse will be released via Unique Leader Records on May 19th, 2015. Preorder bundles are current available at THIS LOCATION.

“Blending neo-classical progressive death metal riffs with grooves, solos and epic harmonies, guitarist Joshua Berry has a writing style that punches your face, many times, and leaves you crying for more… – Sick Drummer

This is a band that if you took Soilent Green’s vocals threw them in a blender with Meshuggah and The Black Dahlia Murder you will only be on the surface of what to expect from this monster. The drum work on this record along with the crunch of the guitars is such a powerful pounding and rifftastic journey that I am shocked that they did not leave behind a pile of ash and destruction.” – Wicked Channel