EPOS NEMO LATROCINIUM: Unsettling Experimental Ensemble To Release Iter Itineris III Via Scry Recordings; New Track Streaming

Iter Itineris III is the third in the series of albums by experimental ensemble EPOS NEMO LATROCINIUM. Slated for release April 1st via Scry Recordings, the latest work features guest master percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani with veteran Seattle electronic and experimental artist Noisepoetnobody (Casey Chittenden Jones), and pianist and vocalist Joy Von Spain (Eye Of Nix). Iter Itineris III was recorded by Doug Haire at the Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle, Washington.

EPOS NEMO LATROCINIUM‘s two previous full-lengths in the series were both captured at Khaos Studios in Seattle. After each recording, the group performed a live improvisation as part of the Wayward Music Series with percussion, voice, electronics, stringboard, violin, and prepared piano. The group has in the past included violinist Tom Swafford and percussionist Dean Moore.

Iter Itineris III is available for preorder at THIS LOCATION.

Sample opening psalm, “Catastrophe Ignited,” below.

Iter Itineris III Track Listing:
1. Catastrophe Ignited
2. Finite Elegy
3. Machinations Of The Body
4. Continual Inquiries Left Unanswered
5. Vocalise

Tatsuya Nakatani is a Japanese avant-garde percussionist and acoustic sound artist. Based in the Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, he has released over eighty recordings and tours internationally. Performing solo, in collaboration, and with his Nakatani Gong Orchestra (NGO) project he plays over one hundred concerts a year. With his adapted Gong and handcrafted Kobo bow, Nakatani has developed his own unique instrumentation. A master of new sounds and extended technique; he sculpts a transformative, intense, expressive sound that engages improvised and experimental music while resisting genre.

For well over fifteen years, Casey Chittenden Jones has been soundtracking the collapse of civilization under the moniker Noisepoetnobody. Utilizing homemade instruments and modular synthesizers to create haunting, discordant, and broken sounds to express the need for creativity in a dying ecosystem. Specializing in underground venues, bars, art galleries, abandon buildings and illegal DIY spaces. Always seeking to promote mental deprogramming through anti-commercial sonic immersion. Each set is a one-of-a-kind exchange of energy employing analog electronics and improvised inspirations via speaker cones. Most commonly associated with the genres experimental, minimalism, noise, industrial, drone, and in Butoh accompaniment, his solo works and collaborations have been released by Lens Records and Public Eyesore, among others. He has participated in numerous festivals including NorCal Noise Fest, Eugene Noise Fest and the Olympia Experimental Music Festival.

Joy Von Spain is a Seattle-based vocalist and instrumentalist (Eye Of Nix, To End It All). As a student, she learned composition and orchestration with Donald Erb, and early music with members of Sequentia and the Baltimore Consort. Now primarily playing experimental metal and death industrial, she has also worked with Butoh performers for the last decade, utilizing vocals, keyboards, or drums. Von Spain has appeared in various projects at Denver Noise Fest, Titwrench Fest, Thirst For Light, and in the Nakatani Gong Orchestra.