EPISTASIS: Invisible Oranges Leaks New Track From NYC Experimental Metal Act

As New York City’s eclectic/experimental metal act, EPISTASIS, prepares for Crucial Blast’s unveiling of their latest works, nearing release on April 1st in the form of the Light Through Dead Glass mini-album, Invisible Oranges infiltrates the population with the public’s initial exposure to the record.

The second of the six tracks on Light Through Dead Glass, the six-minute “Finisterre” is a spiraling, tension-building, musical vortex, a free-form take on post-rock/doom experimentation. Here is a prime example of how EPISTASIS provides intriguing and original songs, where monolithic amplification and percussive battery don’t collide head-on into organic soundscapes and acoustic/woodwind instruments, rather they coalesce as one writhing, living organism. Leaking the “Finisterre” audio, Invisible Oranges provides their own detailed account of experiencing the new mini-album, stating in part of this track specifically, “There’s never a dull moment, but a particular highlight has got to be the crescendo that kicks off around 4:00, with the trumpet-as-Siren being a defining factor. If we can play etymologist here, perhaps the trumpet’s the calm before the world-ending storm. It’s a thing of beauty…”

Explore the ethereal but explosive “Finisterre” at Invisible Oranges AT THIS LOCATION.

New local live actions for EPISTASIS are being confirmed for the weeks ahead, with a show in Brooklyn happening this Friday, February 28th with Oneirogen and Feast Of The Epiphany, and a record release show for the new record and more in the planning stages to be continuously announced in the weeks ahead.

2/28/2014 Trans Pecos – Brooklyn, NY w/ Oneirogen, Feast Of The Epiphany

EPISTASIS integrates the talents of guitarist Kevin Wunderlich, bassist Doug Berns, drummer Alex Cohen (also of avant-death metallers, Pyrrhon, and tech-death legends, Malignancy), and is fronted by Amy Mills on vocals and trumpet, Mills having also contributed trumpet parts on new albums from Castevet and Psalm Zero. On Light Through Dead Glass — the follow-up to their 2012-released self-titled album on The Path Less Traveled Records — EPISTASIS‘ delivery is that of a band which has re-emerged with a much more focused and fleshed-out sound on this dark new vision of atmospheric dissonance and surrealistic heaviness. Recorded by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Unsane), with this new collection of songs, the band has evolved into something much darker, the music shifting from passages of moody, understated atonal melody into blasts of frostbitten discordant blackness and lurching, angular riffage.