Eolian Empire KEEP OUR HEADS Comp Release Shows In Portland Tonight & Tomorrow

With the sickos at Portland’s extreme/outsider D.I.Y. label Eolian Empire getting all hopped-up about their pungent KEEP OUR HEADS compilation — with twenty-six Portland acts dropping ninety-nine minutes of scatterbrained chaos — tonight and tomorrow they let the pack out of the cages bigtime with two back-to-back record release shows. Tonight, Friday, April 26th Slabtown will rage with sets from Acre, Ix, Norska, Hot Victory, Big Black Cloud and Gaytheist, and tomorrow the 27th with Redneck, Sioux, Palo Verde, Towers, Honduran, Rabbits.

KEEP OUR HEADS Release Shows:
4/26/2013 Slabtown – Portland, OR w/ Acre, Ix, Norska, Hot Victory, Big Black Cloud, Gaytheist
4/27/2013 Slabtown – Portland, OR w/ Redneck, Sioux, Palo Verde, Towers, Honduran, Rabbits

Eolian has been leaving pellets from KEEP YOUR HEADS around various websites and local rags, several of which are streaming on the label’s Soundcloud RIGHT HERE. Their cohorts at Skulls On Shirts have also posted an in-depth track-by-track review HERE paired with a full Bandcamp stream of the entire comp HERE.

KEEP YOUR HEADS will see release digitally and on a limited-run cassette on May 1st, the cassette run including both a digital download and a slick beer koozie. Do it all HERE.

The clan at Eolian has literally dedicated thousands of hours to arranging, collecting, compiling, mixing and preparing this massive offering of what they consider the best of their local underground, with KEEP OUR HEADS. Aligning metal, sludge, doom, prog, punk, rock, thrash, hardcore, noise and unclassifiable anti-genre acts from across the region into a herculean ninety-nine-minute soundtrack to the Portland heavy underground, KEEP OUR HEADS bears twenty-six exclusive tracks from stalwarts in the scene, like some twisted, many-headed beast raised on the soundtracks to River’s Edge, Lost Highway, and Repo Man. Practically all the tracks were recorded in Portland specifically for this release, with tunes from Acre, The Ax, Big Black Cloud, Crag Dweller, Diesto, Drunk Dad, Fist Fite, Gaytheist, Gone to Croatoan, Honduran, Hot Victory, Humours, Ix, LKN, Lord Dying, Nasalrod, Norska, Order of the Gash, Palo Verde, Prizehog, Rabbits, Redneck, Sei Hexe, Sioux, Tiny Knives, and Towers.

“a bold statement on underground music coming out of Portland” – The Seattle Passive Aggressive

“26 of Portland’s heaviest, weirdest, and downright exciting underground bands… 99 minutes of crushing and chaotic beauty” – Seattle Rock Guy

“KEEP OUR HEADS brings together a whopping 26 bands to showcase not only the heaviness that’s thriving in Portland’s underground, but the many different faces that heaviness shows.” – The Obelisk

“fans of experimental heavy music everywhere have reason to be waiting on the edge of their seats for Eolian Empire to release KEEP OUR HEADS.” – SSG Music

“KEEP OUR HEADS is cohesive. Not only that, every song on it is good. You may not like a particular genre or approach, but there isn’t a downer in the bunch… I definitely wish I had a 26-song primer on the heavy underground scene in Portland back when I started. If you’re new, I guess you already do.”- Skulls on Shirts

“an excellent collection of songs that will prove (as if are any doubters!) that Portland has an incredible underground heavy music scene” – GRISL