ENTHRONED Update: ANTIFA Vs. Bad Vibrations Over Munster Fest

Belgian black metallers ENTHRONED recently issued the following message regarding the Bad Vibrations Over Munster fest: “Hi folks, It is with deep regret that we have to inform you, that ENTHRONED have been forced to cancel their appearance at the Bad Vibrations Over Munster Fest in April. It seems that the anti-fascist organization “ANTIFA” do not know the difference between Nazi/fascist concentration and a non-political nlack metal festival with NO NSBM bands or ideas involved! We received this mail today from the local organizer:

‘Hey man, Bad news about the gig in Münster. The venue has canceled my event because of a threat of Antifa and I switched to Helvete Club Oberhausen. The owner of Sputnikhalle Münster don’t want to make any contracts, nor give me any assurance for 03.04. Besides I wanted to offer both concerts (Bad Vibrations Over Münster I and II) as a combi-ticket. So now I can’t guarantee financial success… Not even that this event will take place, because I can’t have any contract with the venue. I am afraid I must cancel this gig. It will be the first time I cancel a published event.
I am very sorry about it… Kind Regards.’

No use to say that this kind of action is just lame and in some sort of way laughable coming from an organization that promotes anti-fascism through fascists acts. — ENTHRONED”