ENTHRONED Issue Tour Wrap-Up

In a message from Belgian black metallers ENTHRONED: “After one month touring the States, Canada and Brazil, we are done! Its been a pleasure to tour North America for the first time in nine fuckin’ years; most of the shows were outstanding, some were smaller. I have to think about Boise (Idaho), but were the few maniacs present were just going insane! A special mention goes to New York, Montréal and Belo Horizonte for being some of the best crowds to be reckon with! Also, we would like to thank a few individuals which made this tour an unforgettable crusade; The Deströyer boyz (including Perra of corpse), Nick Akrabu, Tanya, Jared (MMmmm, heu, over there, yeah), Jossef, most of the Pathology guys and all the interesting persons we met, crushed and partied with!

As for Brazil, as usual Edu and Tumba did a hell of a job, you guys are the best!
And without any hesitation I would like to add that it was a pleasure to tour with the real Gorgoroth!

See you all next year!” — Nornagest/ENTHRONED