ENBILULUGUGAL: Noizemongers For Goatserpent Out Now On Crucial Blast – FULL 79-TRACK, 2XCD NOW PLAYING!!!

The 2xCD issue of Noizemongers For Goatserpent, from obfuscated experimentalist ENBILULUGUGAL, is out now via the boundary-pushing purveyors of filth at Crucial Blast.

Seventy-nine tracks of mayhem. One of Crucial Blast’s favorite releases from the band, a vicious, hideous mass of churning blackened hatred and brain-warping chaos that has now been resurrected as a deluxe double disc set that features more than an hour and a half of bonus filth, all re-mastered for maximum ear-hate by Enemata Productions, and presented in a new digipack design with artwork from acclaimed underground illustrator Jeff Zornow.

Endure the rabidly satisfying and excruciating two hours, thirty-three minutes and thirty-eight seconds of ENBILULUGUGAL’s Noizemongers For Goatserpent R I G H T H E R E.

A cyclone of noise-infused blackened hyperblast scum of the most intense degree, Noizemongers For Goatserpent is a twenty-nine “song” assault of hyper- distorted blasphemy blasted out in minute-long eruptions of noise and violence, a putrid eruption of low-fi black metal, harsh noise and experimental, anti-musical weirdness that arrived with a splat on the black/noise underground in 2004. This official version of the album features the initial cult CDR release of the album — which has remained out of print since its initial release — as well as creator Izedis’s TnepreStaoG Rof SregnomezioN “remixes”, which uses the original album as the raw material for an onslaught of extreme electronic noise, the source material rendered nearly unrecognizable in washes of ghostly electronic synthdrift and harsh distorted noisescapes…. all on disc 1. The second disc in the set is loaded with rare compilation tracks, demo material and other out-of-print demo and EP recordings from ENBILULUGUGAL. These tracks offer up a howling vision of low-fi blackgrind awash in Merzbowian distortion, fucked-up necro-noisecore, foul shambling dirges, passages of ghastly dungeon ambience, and some KILLER blasts of discordant blackened punk that features a slightly more “musical” side of ENBILULUGUGAL‘s snarling chaos.