ENABLERS: Bay Area Outfit’s New Album Set For North American Release

Since the release of their first LP in 2004, San Francisco’s ENABLERS have established a new direction in spoken word music. The prose and poetry of Pete Simonelli is intricately woven into the dynamic interplay of guitarists Joe Goldring and Kevin Thomson, and punctuated by the compulsive and precise drumming of Doug Scharin. Musically, their compositions range from melodic minimalism to heavy, rhythmically challenging thickets of sound.

While the first two full-length releases from ENABLERSEnd Note (2004) and Output Negative Space (2006) — were both released by Neurot Recordings. The band signed with Germany’s Exile On Mainstream Records for the release of Tundra (2009), who are now prepared to release Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions, in North America on July 26, 2011. ENABLERS‘ latest ten-song output contains over 40 minutes of material which finds the band evolving even more, the textural and evocative album realizing a new direction while maintaining the distinctive elements of musicianship and imagination that made their previous releases so engaging.

Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions Track Listing:
1. Patton
2. Cliff
3. Career-Minded Individual
4. Morandi: Natura Morta #86
5. No, Not Gently
6. The Reader
7. Hard Love Seat
8. Rue Girardon
9. Visitacion Valley
10. A Poem For Heroes