EIGHT BELLS Announce The Captain’s Daughter Spring Tour 2013 + Record Release Show This Saturday!

Today Oregon ethereal sound sorcerers EIGHT BELLS are pleased to announce a stretch of Spring live dates set to commence with two hometown warm-up shows next month, including a special all-ages record release show this Saturday at Backspace. The official roadside takeover will begin on April 18th at Ash Street Saloon in Portland and writhe its way through Seattle, Vancouver, Spokane, Boise, Salt Lake City, Oakland and San Francisco before coming to a ceremonial close in Eureka, California on April 27th. The band will be joined by SubRosa on select dates.

Comments Melynda Jackson of the upcoming adventures: “I am really excited to spend quality time with my friends in SubRosa and my bandmates, and spend my evenings doing what I love the most!”

EIGHT BELLS The Captain’s Daughter Spring Tour 2013:
3/02/2013 Backspace – Portland, OR **CD Release Show w/ The Body, Sedan, Usnea – All Ages
3/22/2013 Ash Street Saloon – Portland, OR w/ Landmine Marathon, Elitist, Honduran
4/18/2013 Ash Street Saloon – Portland, OR w/ SubRosa, Hail, Ephemeros
4/19/2013 Highline – Seattle, WA w/ Bell Witch, SubRosa, Space Bag
4/20/2013 Astoria – Vancouver BC w/ SubRosa, Astrakhan, Dungeons
4/21/2013 TBA – Spokane, WA w/ SubRosa
4/22/2013 Red Room – Boise, ID w/SubRosa
4/23/2013 Shred Shed – Salt Lake City, UT w/ SubRosa
4/25/2013 Eli’s Mile High Club – Oakland, CA w/ Hollow Mirrors, Abstracter
4/26/2013 The Hemlock Tavern – San Francisco, CA w/ Amber Asylum, Dead Man
4/27/2013 The Works Records – Eureka, CA w/ White Manna

EIGHT BELLS will be touring in support of their The Captain’s Daughter debut, released via Seventh Rule Recordings earlier this month. Recently dubbed, “a masterpiece that … will only get better with repeated listens,” in a recent review by Ironhops.com, adding that “the music is so complex, and there’s so much going on in terms of the song structures and the interplay of the musicians that it not only holds up to repeated listens, it demands them,” The Captain’s Daughter was engineered by sound sage Billy Anderson, and features four engulfing dreamscapes that are as tranquil as they are traumatizing.

EIGHT BELLS features within its ranks SubArachnoid Space alumni Melynda Jackson and Christopher Van Huffel. Jackson’s EIGHT BELLS continues in SAS’ tradition of heavy guitar exploration, adding a blackened dissonance and minimalist vocals to the mix. Jackson is accompanied by classically trained six-string bassist Haley Westeiner who created the centerpiece vocals on “Fate and Technology” and also provides harmonic counterpoint to Jackson’s newly discovered vocalizations. Van Huffel resumes the throne he occupied for ten years, bringing his thunderous, nuanced double kick playing with him. With this power trio, Jackson has found a group that brings focus and support to her unapologetically expressionistic experimental metal music.

The Captain’s Daughter is available now through Seventh Rule Recordings. Order your copy HERE.

“There seems to be an almost channeling of sounds throughout the album as it never follows one defined path. Instead tracks spiral in various directions featuring at times some vicious drumming, offset with wails of feedback and glorious melody, which Jackson seems able to produce at will. Mostly instrumental in delivery apart from a well timed vocal presence on the title track from Haley Westeiner. It took forty seconds for this album to drop my jaw…” – Echoes And Dust

“Almost Victorian in its elegance and graceful complication, EIGHT BELLS have created a masterpiece that is part clockwork, part cameo and a little bit mad.” – Exclaim!

“The Captain’s Daughter starts off with some heavy bass riffs that churn and chunk out sounds thicker than I suspect sound waves should physically be able to be. Then, suddenly, those same chords seem to dissolve into billowing blankets of schizophrenic nimbuses. Serene but for a moment, only to rip itself asunder in a maelstrom of dizzying progressive riffage! Not yet content, EIGHT BELLS spices it up even more with some chaotic, spazz-drumming! You know, the kind that can only be found accompanying a piece of music so fucking amazing in the first place?” — Crown Of Viserys

EIGHT BELLS layer emotional sound upon experimental anguish, and come through the other side somewhat intact… in the physical sense at least. Join them for this tumultuous journey on the desperate waves of life.” – This Is Not A Scene

“Perhaps the most tremendous achievement of The Captain’s Daughter is its ability to evoke atmospheric qualities of a multitude of genres without succumbing to the confines of any of them.… EIGHT BELLS seem intent on giving the listener a broad canvas of sound to work with without seeming grandiose or tedious, and with The Captain’s Daughter they succeed on every level of that presumed intention. Utilizing the negative space of sound in a way that many other bands would do well to pay heed to, EIGHT BELLS has created a masterwork with The Captain’s Daughter – easily placing themselves in a realm of music that will rarely be matched this year.” — SteelForBrains

“…a journey into the far reaches of one’s mind through sound that acts as its own wordsmith.” – MetalPsalter

The Captains Daughter is a black metal and drone tinged journey through psychedelic doom. Featuring four tracks over about 30 minutes, each song takes it time exploring various themes…” — Sentire Magazine

EIGHT BELLS’ debut album is one the most interesting, well-performed records I have heard in a while.” — Unhallowed Nation

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