DYSRHYTHMIA Plays The Veil Of Control Album Release Show This Saturday; Band Confirmed To Play The Covenant Festival Montreal


NYC-based instrumental trio DYSRHYTHMIA this week announces their impending participation in The Covenant Festival Montreal 2017, as the band prepares to play their hometown release show for The Veil Of Control this weekend.

DYSRHYTHMIA will play their official show celebrating the Profound Lore release of their seventh album, The Veil Of Control, in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York this Saturday, November 5th. The gala goes down at Saint Vitus Bar, with support to be provided by Multicult and Cleric. This week’s issue of The Village Voice praises the album in a preview of the show, “The album continues the group’s technical sound: Hufnagel riffs on a twelve-string guitar, and the trio embraces dissonance in its tempo and key changes. If anything, Veil is a little more ambient than their previous releases, but with their jazz influences and precise synchronicity, DYSRHYTHMIA are hardly about to fade into the background.”

Additionally, DYSRHYTHMIA has been confirmed to perform at The Covenant Festival Montreal 2017, where they’re billed as one of the main acts for the event. The festival takes place April 13th-15th at La Sala Rossa, and sees the band’s Kevin Hufnagel and Colin Marston also headlining the fest in Gorguts, with Witch Hunt, Sortilegia, Adversarial, Phobocosm, and many others also confirmed to play. DYSRHYTHMIA will also book a run of tour dates surrounding the festival, with more live news to be confirmed shortly.

11/05/2016 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Multicult, Cleric [tickets]
4/13-15/2017 La Sala Rossa – Montreal, QC @ The Covenant [tickets]

The Veil Of Control is out now through Profound Lore records on CD, LP, and all digital platforms; view all options HERE.

Stereogum commended the new album, offering, “Test Of Submission was DYSRHYTHMIA‘s best album to date when it came out, but this year’s The Veil Of Control may even top it, which is pretty much unheard of for a band so deep into their career.” Metal Injection praised the record with, “Time in Gorguts, Krallice, Withered as well as solo efforts has Kevin Hufnagel, Colin Marston, and Jeff Eber in an ethos of accomplished musicians that many strive for.” Clrvynt praises the band for, “powering through a fierce six-song suite that represents the platonic ideal of the trio’s labyrinthine prog-metal. As always, there are no human voices: only the screams of Hufnagel’s axe, backed by Marston and Eber’s hulking (and yet remarkably nimble) rhythm machine. Considering the maelstrom these three guys whip up on The Veil of Control, it’s abundantly clear that they’re doing just fine, thank you.” Toilet Ov Hell’s 4.5/5 review includes, “After emitting heat for the longest time, the band’s songs now appear to have adopted an endothermic quality. Absorbing the light’s warmth, letting it ricochet around as it reflects across the complex series of interior walls, striking off in all manner of angles and exhibiting a deeper spectrum of prismatic colours. Each facet radiates a dynamic blend of allure The Veil Of Control is DYSRHYTHMIA‘s most polished work to date.”

Since their inception over seventeen years ago, NYC-based power-trio DYSRHYTHMIA has fully established themselves as one of the most notable progressive and unique instrumental metal bands.

With The Veil Of Control, DYSRHYTHMIA‘s Kevin Hufnagel, Colin Marston, and Jeff Eber have once again created a new expression within their boundary-pushing repertoire. Conceived and executed within the confines of Menegroth, The Thousand Caves, in Queens, recorded, mixed and mastered by Marston, with artwork by Marston and Hufnagel, The Veil Of Control delivers six intense but seamless and expansive new works totaling nearly thirty-six minutes of instrumental technical metal perfection. The album sees Hufnagel solely using a twelve-string guitar on the LP, a facet that will go unparalleled within the niche genre of “instrumental progressive music”, demonstrating again the band’s importance within the scene.