DYLAN DILELLA: Human Shield Solo Album From Pyrrhon Guitarist Out Today And Streaming In Its Entirety Through Nefarious Industries

photo by Caroline Harrison

New York City-based guitarist DYLAN DILELLA – primarily known for his fearlessly executed guitar work in technical/dissonant death destroyers Pyrrhon – presents his new solo album, Human Shield. The album is out today through Nefarious Industries, streaming on all platforms and in a limited physical run.

DYLAN DILELLA has realized a singular voice as a solo guitarist and improviser. While his previous solo guitar works were distinctive and provocative, Human Shield sees his style taken to a new level of exuberance. Sitting midway between harsh noise, free jazz, drone, shoegaze, and metal, DILELLA‘s boundless appreciation for the grotesque, whimsical, and bizarre is thoroughly apparent throughout the album.

With three intense songs spanning more than forty-two minutes, Human Shield features only DYLAN DILELLA performing on guitar, with no further instrumentation or contributions. Recorded by the artist in the sweltering NYC August 2020 pandemic lockdown, Human Shield was mastered by Richard Chowenhill and completed with artwork by DILELLA and layout by Greg Meisenberg.

“When people ask about my influences for Human Shield, I’d say that first and foremost these are sounds that I hear in my head when I’m in a musical mode, DILELLA offers. “Also, the album was conceived of and recorded very quickly – I didn’t really have time to think about influences. Though I do think that some of my usual influences are prominently displayed here.”

Stream DYLAN DILELLA’s Human Shield album now through all digital platforms and find the limited cassette and merch bundles at the Nefarious Industries shop at THIS LOCATION.