DWELLERS: New Hymn From Heavy Rock Trio Now Playing At The Obelisk

In preparation of the forthcoming new long player from Salt Lake City-based, self-dubbed “gut rock” trio, DWELLERS, leading riff portal, The Obelisk, is pleased to offer up teaser track, “Son Of Raven.”

The broody tune comes by way of the band’s Pagan Fruit full-length. Recorded and engineered by Andy Patterson (SubRosa, Catholic Girls) at The Boars Nest in Salt Lake City, Utah, mixed by Eric Hoegemeyer (Luder) at Tree Laboratory in Brooklyn, New York and mastered by Chris Goosman (Sasquatch, Five Horse Johnson, Lo-Pan) at Baseline Audio Labs in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the nine-track offering follows in the still-echoing sonic shockwaves of DWELLERS‘ enthusiastically received 2012 debut, Good Morning Harakiri, which saw the newly-assembled trio of vocalist/guitarist Joey Toscano, bassist Dave Jones, and drummer Zach Hatsis pooling together their impressive prior musical credentials (Toscano with psych-metal adventurers Iota; Jones and Hatsis with doom/goth atmospheric bandits, SubRosa) with staggeringly powerful and memorable results.

Elaborates The Obelisk: “‘Son Of Raven’ is a showcase of patience. Unhurried but not still, it’s the kind of song that would be all but impossible to find on a band’s first album and even on DWELLERS‘ second, it makes an impressive accomplishment and is a landmark in the tracklist, among other highlights like the hard-driving ‘Devoured By Lions,’ which follows, and the extended finale ‘Call Of The Hollowed Horn,’ which revels in the unpretentious atmospherics the entirety of Pagan Fruit has managed to maintain. In part, it’s the balance between that atmosphere and the sonic forcefulness of DWELLERS that makes the long-player such a special, engaging listen. The band pushes the traditional boundaries of rock, psychedelia and blues, and in so doing, finds an individual place within them.”

Fade into the rhythmic tranquility of “Son Of Raven,” now playing at THIS LOCATION.

An album that both exceeds the lysergic power chord trip initiated on that first album, and expands the band’s collectively creative horizons into realms heretofore unexplored, here DWELLERS travels far beyond the multifaceted influences, both subliminal and overt, picked up by discerning listeners on Good Morning Harakiri – influences ranging from Hawkwind to Soundgarden, Monster Magnet to Captain Beyond, Sons Of Otis to the Screaming Trees. The songs/seeds found on Pagan Fruit reveal novel, dynamically varied musical touchstones as far reaching as vintage Neil Young & Crazy Horse and Goat’s Head Soup-period Stones.

Pagan Fruit will be available for consumption via Small Stone May 6th, 2014. Preorders are available at THIS LOCATION.

“…the record filters doomy blues rock through a blotter of shimmering desert psych, balancing Toscano’s skilled axework with songwriting stepped up several notches from the group’s 2012 debut.” — Blurt