In commemoration of a lawless pair of split 7-inches from longrunning political hardcore/punk activists DROPDEAD — one featuring Vienna, Austria punk marauders RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA, the other with Japanese punk/hardcore rippers SYSTEMATIC DEATH – out now via Armageddon Label, the trouble makers at mega web portal Vice/Noisey saw fit to stream an assortment of hymns from each EP.

Comments Noisey: “If you come across DROPDEAD records in a record store (look in the back where all the weirdo punk/hardcore releases are), you pretty much have to buy them. You are guaranteed thrashy grindcore that will make you feel terrible about your own lifestyle choices like eating meat and polluting the earth. Plus, you might even get one of their LPs that famously plays backwards or inside out or upside down or whatever.”

Check out four tracks of audio punishment at THIS LOCATION.

Since 1991, Providence, Rhode Island’s DROPDEAD has protested humankind’s attrition towards the environment and its inhabitants, including each other, along the way amassing an impressive arsenal of fully independent releases, including several full-length studio and live LPs, and split releases with Crossed Out, Rupture, Totalitär, Unholy Grave, Suppression, Converge and others. Having toured internationally – razing clubs, squats and basements on multiple continents for two decades – the band has been a major East Coast US contributor to inspiring entire new generations of extreme music fans to rise up against tyranny and injustice at maximum speed and aggression through their “fucking assholes don’t get it” credo. DROPDEAD‘s latest sonic collapses come in the form of two new 7″ vinyl split releases with a pair of high-potency international acts.

Both splits, as well as a host of other DROPDEAD goods, are available now via Armageddon Label at THIS LOCATION.

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