DREADLORDS: Occult Blues Faction Releases New Visual Insurgency Via Bloody Disgusting


The end-time message of DREADLORDS‘ brooding occult blues has never been more apparent, as the outlaws release their newest piece of visual propaganda from their debut LP, Death Angel, which today sees its premiere through a Bloody Disgusting exclusive premiere.

The Southeastern Pennsylvania-based outfit continues to create possibly the darkest blues ever created, infusing black metal and occult rock elements into their monstrous concoction, and the latest video has been delivered through a riotous video for the Death Angel LP’s gritty tune, “Dreadlords Cometh.” Directed by James P. Gannon, quick cuts of the band performing their craft have been edited into brutal uprising footage and an ominous storyline, of which the cult collectively offers, “The video is about DREADLORDS being released to the population which causes riots throughout the globe due to our occult practices and music. We are being released by a secretive occult group to cause chaos, through/by our music.” The “Dreadlords Cometh” video has now been made available through an exclusive premire at Bloody Disgusting, who offers, “The video mixes performance footage with scenes of riots and violence, all overlaid with the lo-fi, almost noise metal-esque drones of the music. It sounds like music barely escaping a static cloud on an old radio as a pastor preaches about fire and brimstone, warning everyone against the damnations that lead to hell.”

Unleash “Dreadlords Cometh” through Bloody Disgusting RIGHT HERE.


The previously-released video for “Alone” is also playing through Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.

Death Angel was released in December via Not Just Religious Music, on LP limited to 500 copies, with 200 on black and 300 on random colors, each including a download code, and digital formats. Place orders and stream the album in its entirety HERE.

Containing members of Panther Modern and T.O.M.B., DREADLORDS boasts a cruel brew of organic traditional blues and crushingly dark Americana, which is intermittently infused with the slight presence of psychedelic black metal and noise experimentation. On Death Angel, the somewhat elusive sect releases thirty-eight minutes of bizarre and unique blues-based odes to Lucifer in the same wayward path as their previously released recordings carried to more explorative depths of the darkest realms of blues-based rock and roll. Recorded during the Winter of January 2013 at Satan’s Palace Recording Studios, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the album features Brian Zimimay on banjo, Samantha Viola on drums, bells and ritual implements, and J. Gannon on vocals, with guest vocals on the title track by Susan Bones.

2/13/2015 John and Peters – New Hope, PA