DIRT WOMAN: Maryland Psychedelic Doom Bringers To Release The Glass Cliff Via Grimoire Records; New Track Streaming At The Obelisk + Preorders Available

Photo by Kira Solomon

“It’s like they live in a riffy valley between two riff mountains cut by a river of riffs where they subsist on riffy agriculture and have enough left over to make a tidy living exporting them to other, less riffy regions… ” — The Obelisk

Maryland psychedelic doom bringers DIRT WOMAN will release their The Glass Cliff debut full-length this March via Grimoire Records.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in the fall of 2019 by Noel Mueller at the Tiny Castle in Baltimore, The Glass Cliff‘s five tracks bulge with gargantuan riffs, thundering rhythms, and lyrics speaking directly to the cries of today’s youth; a fittingly titled record that’s equal parts enraged and dejected by a world whose once great promise has been decimated by the pursuit of power and material wealth.

In advance of its official unveiling, The Obelisk is currently streaming opening track, “Lady Of The Dunes.” Notes the band, “The riff is an early High On Fire-worship riff so it started off faster but over time it got slower for reasons we can’t explain. The title and lyrics come from a cold case Zoe was really intrigued by at the time — a woman was found mutilated on a sand dune and little was known about her and her killer was never found.”

Adds The Obelisk of the album overall, “It’s like they live in a riffy valley between two riff mountains cut by a river of riffs where they subsist on riffy agriculture and have enough left over to make a tidy living exporting them to other, less riffy regions. The nod runs strong throughout their massive, Noel Mueller-captured grooves, with guitarist/vocalist Zoe Koch and guitarist Gabe Solomon at the forefront of the surging tonal tide, pushed forward by the tectonic lumber of Kearny Mallon’s bass and Avery Mallon’s steady rolling drums. Shades of Acid King riding the electric machine and just a touch of Windhand-style foggy atmospherics make themselves felt throughout cuts like ‘Lady Of The Dunes’ and the joyously plodding ‘Creator’ – one of the three cuts to top thirteen minutes in length, along with the closing duo of ‘Demagogue’ (13:30) and ‘Starhawk’ (13:45) – which also finds Avery’s drums in its later reaches looking to the rays of the red sun that was Chris Hakius’ work in Sleep. In other words, it’s all a big fuck yes in my book.”

Read more and stream DIRT WOMAN’s “The Lady Of The Dunes” at The Obelisk at THIS LOCATION.

DIRT WOMAN‘s The Glass Cliff comes swathed in the trippy cover renderings of Hayden Hall and will be released on limited edition CD and digital formats March 13th. For preorders, go to THIS LOCATION. Fans of Electric Wizard, Windhand, Foehammer, and the like pay heed.

The Glass Cliff Track Listing:
1. Lady Of The Dunes
2. Creator
3. Fades To Greed
4. Demagogue
5. Starhawk

Forged in Ocean City, Maryland in the summer of 2017 as a duo featuring vocalist/guitarist Zoe Koch and drummer Gabe Solomon, DIRT WOMAN is named in honor of the late Donnie Corker. Better known as Dirtwoman, Corker was a cross-dresser living in Richmond, Virginia known for involvement in Richmond politics, arts, music, and food banks as well as being the human floral arrangement of the annual Hamaganza holiday rock ‘n’ roll charity benefit show that, for twenty-years had paired Dirtwoman with a revolving cast of politicians, luminaries, and journalists. “His story was truly inspiring to us,” notes Koch. “His charitable work and activism make him forever an icon in our eyes.” Koch and Solomon wrote casually and played sporadic shows. By the spring of 2018, they expanded their lineup to include bassist Kearney Mallon and his twin brother, drummer Avery Mallon, shifting Solomon to guitar. With the twin rhythm section and a dual guitar attack, their thick, quaking sound had truly begun to shape itself into what would become The Glass Cliff.

Avery Mallon – drums
Kearny Mallon – the big guitar
Zoe Koch – guitar, vocals
Gabe Solomon- guitar