DIMESLAND: Psychogenic Atrophy Full-Length Out Today; Entire Album Streaming At Invisible Oranges

As DIMESLAND‘s first full-length recording, Psychogenic Atrophy, today mainlines its way into public availability, to help disburse it upon the population, Invisible Oranges is running a major feature on the band and a stream of the entire album.

“Metal can be scary–It can conjure the most depraved and sick images with its words and music, though I admit to being desensitized to much of that these days. When a band causes a genuinely unsettling feeling in me, it’s something special,” the meaty write-up of the album states. It continues, “Psychogenic Atrophy by Oakland’s DIMESLAND is the sonic nightmare of thrash. They’re a band that blends the instrumental ability of the nerdiest tech-bands around with the prog/jazz guitar stabs of Dimension Hatross-era Voivod… These songs drive me up the damn wall and I can’t get enough of it. The organic sound courtesy of Justin Weis somehow adds to the schizophrenic insanity at hand. This is home-brewed chaos right here.”

Let the eight rippers encompassing Psychogenic Atrophy erode your face at THIS LOCATION.

Psychogenic Atrophy is now available on most major digital music retailers including direct from DIMESLAND via BandCamp HERE and iTunes HERE. The band will also release a CD version of the record shortly, and a deluxe vinyl release in the first half of 2015.

The nearly forty-minute barrage of riveting, technical, and forward-thinking mad-scientist abstract thrash metal on DIMESLAND‘s Psychogenic Atrophy was recorded in full analog courtesy of Justin Weis at Trakworx in South San Francisco (Ludicra, Cormorant, Slough Feg), resulting in a noxious brew of unhinged metal indefinitely descendent to Voivod, Gorguts, Loincloth, Deathspell Omega and Portal yet with its own mutated genetics in control. Early reports from journalists ravaged by Psychogenic Atrophy include a review from Stereogum: “…I credited the band as a close spiritual successor to the long-running prog-thrash unit Voivod. I stand by that comparison and would add another remarkable band to their lineage: the avant-death metal band Atheist, whose combination of incredibly frenetic rhythms with loose-limbed jazz swagger also constitutes a big part of DIMESLAND‘s musical vocabulary… a dizzying fret-tapped intro heralds a maze of riffs that sound like ’80s Metallica being sucked through a black hole. You could lose yourself in these contorted chords for days, but the jaw-clenching impact hits you on the first listen.” Ninehertz just came in with a bewildered review, in part stating, “The guitars never seem to dwell on a groove for more than a few seconds and the drums sound as if conventional beats have been recorded to tape, then looped and spooled round rusty chair legs, lurching from speed to speed but remaining on absolute point throughout… DIMESLAND are one of those bands struck by a lack of clear identity, what they play cannot be categorized in simple terms, but they are of a standard that this renders their classification moot. Who cares what they might be labeled when it chews you up and spits you out with such ferocity?” Last Rites’ awesome write-up revealed, “…one of the coolest things about the album is the anticipation that comes with unraveling the layers. Already an exciting, quirky band, DIMESLAND gives the impression that they will only grow and expand with time. Psychogenic Atrophy gives us a ton to pick apart as we wait for the next stop on their wacky ride. Buckle up.”

Stand by for further updates from the DIMESLAND camp as the band confirms new live performances of their slaughtercraft, and as the physical incarnations of Psychogenic Atrophy manifest themselves for public absorption.