DIMESLAND: Oakland Avant-Metal Unit Releases Video For “Are They Cannibals?” From Acclaimed Psychogenic Atrophy Album

Dimesland [photo by Shannon Corr][photo by Shannon Corr]

Following an extensive span of radio silence, Oakland-based experimental thrash metal squad DIMESLAND has just issued a video for “Are They Cannibals?”

The track resides on DIMESLAND‘s acclaimed 2014-released debut album, Psychogenic Atrophy, and matching the band’s unclassifiable and pounding avant-metal attack, the Gustavo Charif-directed visual companion to the track is equally perplexing and deadly.

“Are They Cannibals?” – discover for yourself RIGHT HERE.

Appearing at the end of 2014 as a self-released digital title, DIMESLAND‘s Psychogenic Atrophy made an immediate and powerful impression upon those who heard it, invaded numerous end-of-year/best-of lists, and flattened just about everyone who encountered it. Crucial Blast subsequently officially re-released the album on CD in 2015, widening the band’s fanbase and breathing new life into the decimating album, which is prime listening for fans of challenging, terrifying metal, citing the works of Gorguts, Cynic, Confessor, Voivod, and Deathspell Omega.

Stream Psychogenic Atrophy at Soundcloud HERE and Bandcamp HERE; orders for the digipak CD can be placed HERE, and the digital version HERE.

Shortly after the initial digital release of Psychogenic Atrophy as DIMESLAND was preparing to tour heavily on the new album, guitarist Drew Cook tragically passed away. The band is now in a rebuilding mode, adding new musicians (the drummer and bassist left in the aftermath of Drew’s passing) and new material and will by all means continue to honor their fallen comrade’s memory with new live and recorded actions in the devising stages now. Stand by for news on DIMESLAND in the months ahead.

DIMESLAND Psychogenic Atrophy COVER