DIE CHOKING: Philly Hyper Grind/Thrash Squad To Deliver Second 7-Inch Via The Compound

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based demolition union, DIE CHOKING, is prepared to shove their second wave of hyperactive, earthmoving grind/thrash down the world’s collective throat, with II.

Following its initial digital-only release, in April of this year, DIE CHOKING — comprised of Paul J Herzog (ex-Total Fucking Destruction) on bass/vocals, Joshua T. Cohen (Cop Problem) on drums, and Jeffrey V. Daniels (Burden) on guitar — unleashed a 7″ vinyl version of their self-titled debut recordings through The Compound, the shredding EP blasting listeners with five point-blank tracks in under six minutes. In a repeat pattern, the trio is preparing deliver nearly the exact same thing, having completed their follow-up release, EP II, continuing in sequence to the first 7″.

Once again bearing five explosive new songs in less than six minutes, tracks VI through X show DIE CHOKING swarming with even more enraged and psychotic songwriting, and more of an ominous powerviolence approach, while stepping things up in the songwriting department and delivery on all levels. Most of the lyrics are a critique of society and self. The finger ultimately points back at itself. As with its predecessor, the new 7″ was recorded and mixed at Mark It Zero Studios with Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth) — harnessing all music in one day and all vocals in another — and mastered by Brad Boatright (Baptists, Code Orange Kids) at AudioSiege. While the first EP reigned in black and grayscale cover art and vinyl delivery, II bears equally bleak scenery in a black and red layout by Jeffrey V. Daniels, and a run of limited red colors will be manufactured. Enclosed in the 7″ will be a document that will function as a real, personal living will, in the theme of the closing track, “Tonsil.”

II Track Listing:
VI. Non-Yielder
VII. People Like You
VIII. Spent Fuel Pool
IX. Civilian
X. Tonsil

Pressing info, preorders, an official video for “Tonsil” and more on II, as well as new tour dates, will be released in the coming days. A more widespread US tour is being booked for this Fall following the release of the EP.

Copies of the self-titled debut 7″ release from DIE CHOKING, pressed in a run of 300 copies on black wax with a high-gloss cover, are still available via The Compound/Earsplit Distro HERE.

New live actions for the unstoppable DIE CHOKING include a South Philly punk show tonight at Pariah House with Agitate and Deterioration, and a return to NYC this Saturday, July 19th, playing at ABC No Rio with East Of The Wall, Psyopus and Mary Todd.

7/17/2014 Pariah House – Philadelphia, PA w/ Agitate, Deterioration
7/19/2014 ABC No Rio – New York, NY w/ East Of The Wall, Psyopus, Mary Todd [info]
8/11/2014 TBA – Baltimore, MD
8/16/2014 Really Awesome Super Fun Fest – Wilmington, DE

DIE CHOKING‘s maiden EP brought in blown-away reactions from renowned media outlets like Cvlt Nation, who issued, “this band scrambles your brain cells with their brand of high-octane grindcore laced with traces of rancid crust! What I dig about this record is the hidden grooves that are smashed against walls of aggressive speed & angst!” Decibel Magazine’s opinion had a fat 8/10 rating staked to it, the review stating,”You know, if this is the last record I review, I got lucky.” American Aftermath called the band out with, “These guys are ruthless. They produce some of the meanest grind I’ve heard from a young band in quite some time, and upon witnessing the band live, NYC technical death metal outfit Artificial Brain posted, “If there were a metal stock market, I would be dumping all of my (negligible) assets into the purchase of DIE CHOKING shares.”