DER BLAUE REITER: Cvlt Nation Streams New Hymn From Post-Apocalyptic Darkwave Project

Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’ Adieu Du Silence is the stunning, new, near hour-long full-length from Barcelona-based darkwave project, DER BLAUE REITER. Comprised of eleven haunting compositions inspired by a tragic vision of a world governed by secret societies, warfare, disease and the last days of mankind, the record swells with a distinctly mirthless grace making it deliberately discomforting yet soul-wrenchingly captivating.

In salutation of its release, today Cvlt Nation offers up sixth movement, “The Beginning Of The End,” noting, “Drama, tension, isolation, despair, grey skies, loud silence… are some of the words that come to my mind as I listen to the new DER BLAUE REITER song … This band has constructed a new sonic skyscraper where the ghosts of the future are the leaders of the present.”

Experience the post-apocalyptic desolation of “The Beginning Of The End” at THIS LOCATION.

Founded in 2005, DER BLAUE REITER is a Catalan music project that fuses apocalyptic ambiance with neoclassical passages and militarist percussion. Their compositions function as chillingly poignant soundtracks to a post-nuclear, diseased world wriggling beneath the weight of its own self-inflicted suffering and looming demise, with Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’ Adieu Du Silence chronicling humanity’s final days.

Mastered by Peter Bjärgö (Sophia/Arcana) and featuring collaborations with Alina (Lamia Vox), Cecilia Bjärgö (Arcana/Sophia) and Daniela Bedeski (Rosa Rubea) Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’ Adieu Du Silence is considered to be the second chapter of DER BLAUE REITER’s 2004 debut, L’enver Du Tristesse/Le Paradis Funebre. Rife with compelling orchestrations, cinematic soundscapes and majestic industrial and a martial air, Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’ Adieu Du Silence serves as the project’s darkest creation to date, where light is just a rumor, and the future a legend.

Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’ Adieu Du Silence is available via Neuropa Records at THIS LOCATION.