DEL REY Live Update And Interview Alert

Chicagoan post-rock wizards DEL REY continue to book more area gigs, recently confirming a new upcoming headlining performance at Subterranean on December 9th. The band are slowly but surely booking more live shows as their family lives allow them to, and have just inked a booking partnership with Bunce Booking [Caspian, Irepress, Mose Giganticus, etc.] and have more widespread regional performances being planned now for the month of February and beyond. More info will be announced as it is confirmed.

In the meantime, DEL REY’s Eben English will be available for phone interviews for North American journalists this Tuesday November 23 from 12 – 2pm CST. Please get in touch right away to schedule a chat.

These ongoing live performances and interviews are in support of the band’s glorious fourth full-length Immemorial, which was released in late September via At A Loss Recordings in North America and Golden Antenna in Europe. The seven track opus crushes any preconceived notions of overdone post-rock repetition one might have, giving new life and growth to the over-saturated genre with their suave but punishing dual-drummer attack, intensely layered atmospheric qualities and an overall entrancing and potent output.

The entire Immemorial album still available for public streaming courtesy of At A Loss Recordings:

12/9/2010 Subterranean – Chicago, IL w/ Miracle Condition, Killer Moon

“Don Caballero and Slint are obvious touchstones, but the group’s hearty and hypnotic amalgam hews closer to Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. Slow-burning guitars erupt into a detuned horde in the 11-minute opus “Return of the Son of Fog Rider.” Like a post-hardcore suite, the song drifts in and out of dynamic waves while two drummers work in tandem.” – Time Out Chicago

“The near-epic album seems to generate its own weather system as it swings between shorter, atmospheric passages like ‘Innumeracy,’ a two-minute breather as weightless and haunting as a passing apparition, and swirling monsters like ‘Return of the Son of Fog Rider,’ a densely-layered, 11-minute-plus storm surge of mechanical percussion and burnished guitar.” – Metromix Chicago

“When there’s no vocalist, folks tend to spend more time picking apart each instrument, its associated player. Longstanding Chi-Town quintet Del Rey solve that ‘problem’ with their signature two-drummer/double-kit builds and crashes and a denser, more atmospherically layered sound.” – Stereogum

“Prog heads will grasp onto the experimental elements, psychedelonauts will want to be dragged along the jamming peyote desert floor…” – The Obelisk

“…Del Ray blends a heavy and sonic brew of heavy psychedelic, Afro-Cuban and tribal rhythms, improvisational jams, and just about everything truly awesome into their vivid neo-psychedelic instrumental trips through audio bliss!” – Hellride Music

Del Rey at The Empty Bottle from Michael Johnson on Vimeo.