DEATHCHANT: Self-Titled Debut Full-Length From Psychedelic Metal Unit Out NOW And Streaming Via King Volume Records

Today, Los Angeles-based psychedelic metal unit DEATHCHANT drops the kaleidoscopic wares of their self-titled debut full-length upon the masses. Captured live over a two-day period at a secluded cabin in Big Bear, California, and manifests an immersive wall of noise-induced heavy metal mania that is equal parts paranoia and transcendental harmony.

Stream Deathchant in its hallucinogenic entirety below.

Deathchant is available on digital and vinyl formats via King Volume Records with Dune Altar handling the cassette edition. Purchase your copy today via the King Volume Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

DEATHCHANT will play a handful of California shows this month, including a FREE show tonight at Cheetah’s in with additional live performances to be announced in the coming weeks.
DEATHCHANT w/ Banquet:
1/10/2019 Cheetahs – Los Angeles, CA
1/24/2019 Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, CA
1/25/2019 TBA w/ Winter Wind, Owl
1/26/2019 Monty – Los Angeles, CA
1/27/2019 Pourhouse – San Diego, CA w/ Sigil

DEATHCHANT is the brainchild of TJ Lemieux (Child, Psychedelic Speed Freaks, Mainline Ladies, Babylon) with John Bolino, Colin Fahrner, and George Camacho. They’ve been dubbed psychedelic rock, proto-metal, doom, stoner metal, noise-punk, hard rock, and everything in between, but if you ask them, DEATHCHANT is just, “rock and roll with psychedelic influences.” Fluctuating between peaceful, meditative, eastern-tinged messages of unity and all out warcrys with an underlying lesson of love and peace-through-violence, the band is driven by Lemieux’s brooding aesthetic and signature psychedelic guitar atmospherics. DEATHCHANT echoes through the darker side of proto-metal and hard rock creating a sound that is loud, massive, and about as melodic as a sonic assault of this magnitude can be. They resonate with wherever or whoever you are and deliver an excitingly raw and catchy brand of unforgetting rock and roll. The band’s debut was written by Lemieux, mixed by Lemieux and Stephen Schroeder and engineered and mastered by Schroeder.

“…volatile, exciting, and unpredictable…” — The Obelisk

The anchors of this trippy collection are blistering, fuzzy guitars, and driving rhythm. DEATHCHANT certainly do know how to rock.” — Angry Metal Guy

“…the soundtrack to one hell of an acid trip.” — Between The Lines Media

“…what makes DEATHCHANT so unique is the ability to launch into experimental passages and then out again with nary a glance backward, maintaining the guise that they’ve been playing a standard heavy rock number the whole damn time.” — Sleeping Village

“…a half-hour of memorable riffs and punch-in-the-gut heaviness…” — Svbterranean

“…a psychedelic joie de vivre of hard jams and high living, a feast for the ears and a battery for the spirit.” — Doomed And Stoned

DEATHCHANT sounds like a rock band playing in a cemetery letting the ghouls have their say on the record too.” — Captured Howls