DEATH VANISH: Decibel Debuts “Saturnian Realms Return” From Connecticut Black Metal Unit; Cold Hammer Of Melancholy EP To See Release Via Eternal Death Next Week

DEATH VANISH disseminate cacophonous, primitive black metal. DEATH VANISH is noisy and as lo-fi as black metal comes…” — Decibel

Cold Hammer Of Melancholy, the impending four-song EP from one-man Connecticut black metal assault, DEATH VANISH, helmed by One Master guitarist/vocalist Valder, will see release next week via Eternal Death. In advance of its unveiling, today Decibel Magazine spews forth the sordid sounds of “Saturnian Realms Return” noting, DEATH VANISH disseminate cacophonous, primitive black metal. Death Vanish is noisy and as lo-fi as black metal comes…”

Issues Valder of the track, “This song is about being taken over by primal and primitive parts of one’s consciousness; the return of pure instinct. Musically, the song structure and arrangements are influenced by bands like Blasphemy and Conqueror – constant forward movement with no repeating parts.”

Hear “Saturnian Realms Returnonly at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

DEATH VANISH’s Cold Hammer Of Melancholy EP follows last year’s split with Misanthropos and will be released on cassette via Eternal Death on November 16th. For Hammer Of Melancholy preorders and to hear “Solipsism And Antichrist,” go to THIS LOCATION.

DEATH VANISH is unabashedly influenced by the primitive sounds of Beherit and Profanatica. Playing select live shows with a full lineup, the songwriting and all instruments on the recorded material is performed solely by Valder. “Death Vanish” refers to the instinct to isolate oneself – to “die” and “vanish” from the external world into one’s own. On both a micro level (i.e. leaving a particular social or life situation) and macro level (i.e. leaving the bounds of the material world), the ideology of this project is to understand and harness the power of this inward-looking instinct.