DEAD IN THE MANGER Unveils Handshake Inc.-Directed Video Through Decibel Magazine

The wrath of Cessation, the debut full-length from sinister black/grind metal quartet, DEAD IN THE MANGER, will scar humanity in less than two weeks through the Black Hand at 20 Buck Spin, and with it rapidly advancing, Decibel Magazine has unloaded the band’s first official video as a harbinger of the album’s severe fury.

DEAD IN THE MANGER, who purveys full anonymity in their identity and within their content, similarly keeps the titles of their brazen audio attacks incredibly stripped down, with the movements on Cessation simply bearing the titles “I” through “VI,” today unfurling the audio accompaniment to the second track on the LP. Directed by David Hall of Handshake Inc. (Today Is The Day, Fuck The Facts, Maryland Deathfest The Movie), the “II” video is corrosive and epilepsy-inducing in its creator’s patented style, and through an obfuscated but obviously occult driven plot for the belittling sermon, imposes more of an unsettling feeling rather than a clear cut storyline.

“This is probably the first time I’ve made a video for a band without talking to any of the members,” offers Hall on being approached to create DEAD IN THE MANGER‘s “II” video. “I sort of just got an email one day from the label that asked if I’d be interested in making a video for a black/grind metal band. I listened to the track and really dug what I heard so I agreed. The only real info and guidance I was given was the name of the song, ‘II’, the album title, and the album’s artwork. From listening to the track and taking the cover artwork as inspiration, I decided to try and create a depressing and degraded, impressionistic, moving version of the cover, and use some found footage, stuff that I shot, and mix it together to make a scratchy, black-toned void that hopefully assaults the eyes as nicely as the music assaults the ears. After a few botched attempts, I arrived at the version you see now.”

Tap into the Deciblog’s exclusive premiere of DEAD IN THE MANGER’s “II” video now at THIS LOCATION.

Also devour Cessation‘s fourth movement through Noisey RIGHT HERE.

20 Buck Spin is readying Cessation for its February 3rd unveiling on 12″ vinyl and through all prime digital outlets. Preorders for the LP and shirt packages can be placed HERE and the digital HERE.

DEAD IN THE MANGER‘s content, song titles and origin remain as unidentified as the members’ identities, not to bury a hidden agenda or mask some smattering of mainstream entertainment icons from public scrutiny, but more to allow the artwork and belittling delivery to be the focal points of their flesh-cutting tunes. Following the release of their debut Transience EP in early 2014, Cessation continues to show DITM‘s downward spiral into depravity, with black/war metal and grindcore attributes culminating in a tornado of devastation. Whether grinding forth in a cascade of blinding black metal violence or cloaked in despondent post-rock gloom, Cessation leaves no space for hope, compelling the paradoxical embrace of suffering, the album shrouded in appropriately bleak artwork courtesy of Misanthropic Art (Secrets Of The Moon, Hooded Menace, Attic). The machinery of plutocratic slavery, churning and grinding the spirit of life until little remains but the last gasp of a doomed humanity, a cessation of the primal light in an absurdist nightmare.