DEAD IN THE MANGER: Black Metal/Grindcore Cult Streams 20 Buck Spin Debut EP At Metal Insider

20 Buck Spin will flood the planet with the blazing and harrowing Transience EP, the debut recordings from anonymous black metal/grindcore quartet, DEAD IN THE MANGER.

With just six songs in less than twenty minutes — succinctly named Parts I-VI — Transience melds atmospheric and pentatonic melodies into a maelstrom of bleak, scalpel-sharp, maximum BPM aggression and multiple stab wounds of hate-driven malcontent. Filled with ill will and revulsion, DEAD IN THE MANGER walks a fine line between all out sensory violence and post trauma exhaustion with staggering ease. A precursory strike, being released ahead of the act’s impending introductory full-length later this year, 20 Buck Spin will release Transience on MLP and digital formats in North America on April 29th and in Europe on May 2nd.

Ahead of its looming release, Metal Insider is today streaming all six bludgeoning movements DEAD IN THE MANGER’s Transience bears, through THIS PORTAL.

Orders for Transience can be placed now HERE.

DEAD IN THE MANGER plans to begin tracking their debut full length during the wretched Summer months for a late 2014 street date. Stand by for further warnings.

“For the next 20 minutes, your existence will be plummeted into an abysmal void marred by raw, blackened ferocity and depressive auras… Dead in the Manger deliver a mixture of black metal and grind with a tendency for noise and ambient atmospheres as well. 9/10” – American Aftermath

“Starting off with an ambient instrumental, the rest of the EP is full of an impressive mix of black metal and sludge and a tinge of post-rock. It’s enough to leave you wanting a proper full-length…” – Metal Insider

“All of the songs are relatively brief, running their course in less than 20 minutes. They’re almost like a tantalizing preview of what this band could do in an album’s length of time… But what they do on Transience is fascinating enough despite its brevity, a genre-crossing creation that’s well worth exploring.” – No Clean Singing

With the current ambient trend in black metal, it was only a matter of time before it began to spread into other genres… Transience is a nice mash-up of genres that serves as a brief but engrossing offering…” 8.5/10″ – Dead Rhetoric