DEAD: Aussie Bass-And-Drums Duo Releases New “Nakaken” Video And Begins Month-Long West Coast US Tour Today


Following their maiden trip across the Pacific last year, Australia’s gruesome twosome, DEAD, has washed back onto US soil for another putrid invasion of our Western shores, with a month-long tour beginning this evening. In celebration of the new expedition, the band has unveiled their impressive new major budget “Nakaken” video, hailing from their latest LP, Captains Of Industry.

DEAD, our favorite downunder bass-and-drums duo, kicks out the noise jams once again, motherfuckers. Captains Of Industry, their third LP, beats you about the head with stripped-down but mighty mind-melters, the occasional respite via ambient experimental pieces. Continuing along their trajectory to nowhere, Captains… has all that palpable DEAD energy, up in your face with a wry smile, battering away. The recording by Toshi Kasai captures their unholy marriage of sharp bass riffage and hardcore drum acrobatics punctuated by shout-along vocal bursts. Brown Noise Unit reports, in an early review of the album, “Not content with aping their heroes, DEAD are a band with something to say, and they say it loud on Captains Of Industry. Fans of heavy, inventive music–don’t miss out on this one.”

DEAD has released their first official video for the new LP with the complex storyline of “Nakaken.” Named after their comrade in Japanese band, Cyberne, the video delivers the seventh of the nine rampant rippers on Captains Of Industry with a dazzling overdose of maximum visual impact.

Uncage DEAD’s mighty “Nakaken” video now at THIS LOCATION.

Stream Captains Of Industry in full HERE, and also witness a full live set from earlier this year HERE, the track “Rabbits” (named after the band) on the FIENDS IN LOW PLACES comp HERE, and a live cassette taped at KPSU Portland from their last tour RIGHT HERE.

Having just slayed their native continent on tour with Black Cobra and Jucifer, the DEAD duo is back in the US this week, beginning a month-long Western America tour TODAY. The first phase of the tour sees the band alongside House Of Lightning and Wrong for a week-and-a-half of shows, ending just before the band raids Total Fest once again, for the final incarnation of the festival this year. Following Total Fest, DEAD will go rogue, performing with the likes of Gay Witch Abortion, Big Business, Vaz, Hot Victory, Rabbits, Prizehog, Towers, Volumen, Lazarus Long, Drunk Dad, Elephant Rifle and many others for the remainder of the trek before smoldering to a finale in Los Angeles where the tour began, the final show on September 3rd.

Stand by for additional updates in the near future, as DEAD was also just back in the studio again with Toshi Kasai, recording the follow-up to Captains Of Industry.

DEAD US Tour Dates:
8/03/2015 All Star Lanes – Los Angeles, CA w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/04/2015 Que Sera – Long Beach, CA w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/05/2015 Rebel Lounge – Phoenix, AZ w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/06/2015 TBA – El Paso, TX w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/07/2015 Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/08/2015 Mohawk – Austin, TX w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/09/2015 Three Links – Dallas, TX w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/10/2015 Siberia – New Orleans, LA w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/11/2015 The Atlantic – Gainesville, FL w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/12/2015 Churchill’s Pub – Miami, FL w/ House Of Lightning, Wrong
8/14/2015 Triple Rock – Minneapolis, MN w/ Gay Witch Abortion, Novacron
8/15/2015 Hawks Nest – Fargo, ND w/ Gay Witch Abortion, Vaz, Pisstory
8/16/2015 Ojata Records – Grand Forks, ND w/ Lazarus Long
8/17/2015 Pangea House – Minot, ND w/ Lazarus Long
8/19/2015 Side B – Bismarck, ND w/ Lazarus Long
8/19/2015 The Railyard – Billings, MT w/ Idaho Green, Lazarus Long
8/20-22/2015 Total Fest – Missoula, MT w/ Big Business, Vaz, Prizehog, Hot Victory, Volumen
8/23/2015 Neato Burrito – Spokane, WA w/ Lazarus Long, Sales Wagon, Matt Slater & Missy Narrance Comedy
8/24/2015 The Shakedown – Bellingham, WA w/ Dryland, Lazarus Long
8/25/2015 Le Voyeur – Olympia, WA w/ Ex Ex-Gods, Lazarus Long
8/26/2015 The New Frontier, Tacoma, WA w/ C Average, Ben Von Wildenhaus (Fed X)
8/27/2015 Black Lodge – Seattle, WA @ Roachella Festival w/ Rabbits, Prizehog, Sayo Nara
8/28/2015 The Know – Portland, OR w/ Prizehog, Towers, DJ Bestial Walrus
8/29/2015 Dark Place – Portland, OR w/ Rabbits, Drunk Dad (matinee)
8/29/2015 Cloud & Kelly’s Public House – Corvalis, OR w/ Blood Cobra (late show)
8/30/2015 Shea’s Tavern – Reno, NV w/ Elephant Rifle, Hate Recorder, V.E.R.N.
9/01/2015 The Knockout – San Francisco, CA w/ Hazzards Cure
9/02/2015 TBA, Santa Cruz/San Jose, CA
9/03/2015 Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA w/ Hepa/Titus