DE PROFUNDIS: New Album From UK Prog Metal Act Streaming At New Noise Magazine

The Emptiness Within, the third full-length from London’s DE PROFUNDIS, will be released in North America this Tuesday, June 4th. Following its successful European release in 2012 via Italy-based Kolony Records, the label’s new stateside distribution through eOne will deliver the band’s distinctive infusion of progressive/jazz metal with modern black metal aggressiveness, captured with more precision than ever on the complex and infectious album, to fans on this side of the globe.

To help bring the news out to metal fans everywhere, New Noise Magazine is streaming The Emptiness Within alongside a comprehensive track-by-track breakdown of the entire album written by DE PROFUNDIS; check it all out RIGHT HERE.

Formed in 2005, to date, UK-based DE PROFUNDIS has performed in twenty-two countries, having taken part in three international tours including supporting Iron Maiden in India, tours with Rotting Christ, Marduk, and multiple major music festivals worldwide including Bloodstock Open Air. The band’s unique sound merges influences from multiple extreme metal subgenres all heavily infused with elements of progressive rock and jazz. With two critically-acclaimed full-length albums already on their résumé, DE PROFUNDIS recorded their third album The Emptiness Within in London during December 2011, the album then produced by the band and Fernando Pereira (Misanthrope). The album was mixed at the Studios Davout in Paris, France (AC/DC, The Rolling Stones,Ozzy Osbourne) and mastered by Tim Turan (Emperor, Motörhead), and bears artwork crafted by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight 13 Media (Mayhem, Darkthrone, Absu). The nearly hour-long opus embodies nine brilliant songs, flowing with intricate riffing through DE PROFUNDIS‘ unique, forward-thinking delivery.