DAWN OF DEMISE: The Suffering From Denmark-Based Death Metal Miscreants Streaming At No Clean Singing; Record To Drop This Friday Via Unique Leader


This is a first-class ticket straight to headbang city (and possibly the trauma ward at your nearest hospital), produced in a way that gives the sound a clear but still overpowering impact.” – No Clean Singing

Denmark-based death metal miscreants, DAWN OF DEMISE, will drop the punishing wares of their The Suffering full-length via Unique Leader Records this Friday. In advance of its release, today the brutality bringers at No Clean Singing are streaming the record in its mutinous entirety issuing of the offering: “DAWN OF DEMISE are specialists in a style of massively bludgeoning death metal, and they begin the task of fracturing the skulls of listeners into smithereens from the very first track. ‘Sadistic Gratification’ is a phalanx of sledgehammer grooves mixed with rapid-fire riff and drum jabs, laced with ominous melody and voiced in a mix of barbaric growls and gruesome, guttural gurgles. The enticing punishment proceeds full-throttle from there, with the band continuing to mix pavement-cracking percussive power and fusillades of militaristic riffing. But don’t be misled into thinking that the songs are clones of each other. The sinister title track, for example, is a mid-paced über-stomp threaded with poisonous tremolo riffing and insectile, darting notes. ‘Deride The Wretch’ moves into more overtly slam territory, while mixing piranha swarms of guitar derangement in among the atonal, spine-fracturing hammer blows, while ‘The Process of Killing’ launches like a rampaging tank attack and “Predation” is a jolting, up-tempo affair that hits like a big nail gun set to run on full auto.”

Read more and sear your ear holes to the sounds of The Suffering courtesy of No Clean Singing at THIS LOCATION.

Appropriately titled The Suffering, the new DAWN OF DEMISE album bears eleven new limb-removing tracks totaling a punishing thirty-seven minutes of extreme death metal savagery engineered mixed and mastered at Antfarm Studios by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Behemoth, Aborted). Unique Leader will issue The Suffering from these Danish death metal dealers on August 26th; preorders are available HERE.

In a recent assessment of the record, Angry Metal Guy notes, “Getting in, fucking shit up, and leaving snapped bones and skull fragments in their wake, DAWN OF DEMISE make their long-awaited return with a vengeance. Having always operated with a no-frills attitude and streetwise toughness, DAWN OF DEMISE wisely stick to their strengths and execute with a minimum of fuss and tons of energy, maintaining their solid track record. So if you enjoy your Danish death extra chunky and laden with groove, wrap your ears around The Suffering.” Dead Rhetoric concurs, “The Suffering doesn’t worry about pretension, being overtly technical, or kicking it old school – they just bring death metal. And they bring it well.” Wonderbox Metal commends, “A thoroughly enjoyable romp through the slaughterhouse,” while Decibel hails “three minutes of groovy, crushing riffs” in their recent track premiere of “Deride The Wretch.”

DAWN OF DEMISE was forged in Silkeborg, Denmark in 2003 with a singular purpose – to play heavy, crushing death metal. Thirteen years later, that goal hasn’t changed. The band differs a great deal from many of death metal’s modern practitioners due in no small fact that the collective cares little about acts about speed or technicality, their focus set exclusively on heaviness, groove, good songs, and the catchy riff. Inspired by the likes of Suffocation, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding, Abominable Putridity, Obituary, and Inveracity, the band’s vicious, slam-laden output should be of little surprise.